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New Patent Application Shows Us What The Apple AR Glasses Could Look Like



Tim Cook had previously hinted that Apple is working on AR glasses, however, we don’t have any solid info on the launch of the same. It has been reported that AR glasses are going to be the next big thing and it looks like it will be much more successful than the iPhone. While we wait for the launch date or any other info of the same, we do have a new sketch of what appears the Apple’s next big thing.

A new patent application filed by Apple was published earlier today and the application happens to give us our first look at the device or at least that’s what it looks like. The application shows how AR features on glasses could label certain buildings, etc. Apart from showing us what it might look like, it also happens to show us how the AR Glasses will work. This patent was apparently filed by Metaio in 2013. Apple acquired Metaio a coupled of years ago and this acquisition gave them a UI for these wearables.

In order to navigate through the images, a user might have to capture the finger pointing towards something. In short, the finger has to be used a pointing device. Apparently, users won’t be able to touch the lenses in order to interact with it. Hence, the finger has to be used a pointing device here, which sounds like an utterly vague method to accomplish an action.

However, it is worth noting that this particular device in question could still be in early stages of development. The final product could be completely different than what we are seeing right now. Also, if the device looks similar to the Google Glass then that is because this particular AR Glass has a lot of features in common with the Google glass. But it looks like Apple’s version of AR wearable will be a lot differnet than what Google manage to accomplish. We hope that Apple will launch this device soon in the market so that users will be able to use it before the AR spark goes off. Having said that, let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment down below.

Source – USPTO


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