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Facebook Is Said To Be Working On A New Video Chat Device With Touchscreen



The social media giant Facebook is known for having multiple products and services under its name. Even with its main Facebook application, Facebook is giving more importance to video feeds. This is evident from the fact that Facebook was amongst the first ones to introduce the live video feature with its application. And now, on the same lines i.e. giving importance to videos, the company is now said to be working on a new video chat device with a touchscreen.

According to the source, a few people familiar with the matter have reported that Facebook is currently busy working on a new device. Apparently, this new device is dedicated to making video calls in the home. Interestingly, it has also been reported that this will come with a touchscreen measuring 13″ to 15″ diagonally. So it sounds like it will be of the size of a conventional tablet.

In terms of the software, it has been speculated that it could be running a version of Android. And since it is said to be a device meant for video calling, it will feature a wide-angle camera for the same. The device is also said to feature AI-powered microphones and speakers. Now, the fact that it has AI-powered microphones and speakers makes it that much more interesting. This device is being geared for use in living room.

It looks like the device is currently being used by few people, as a part of “testing” phase. One of the prototypes apparently has a thin, vertical stand which holds the display in place. It has been reported that Facebook is currently testing out software that lets the camera detect people within the frame and lock on to them. Another piece of information which we have is the fact that the company is also working on a 360-degree camera to go with this. However, it looks like this particular camera won’t be ready for the initial launch.

And speaking of the launch, it is expected that this device will be launched during next spring’s F8 developer conference. In terms of the pricing, it looks like it will cost a few hundred dollars. We are expecting it to be priced on the same lines of Amazon Alexa, etc. However, if you wish to know the official pricing and the release date, then we suggest you stay tuned for the official announcement. Also, be sure to leave a comment down below your thoughts on the same.

Via – Techcrunch


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