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New Alpha version of Google app seems to be enabling Google Assistant on few non-pixel phones



Google Assistant is the only feature which most of the Android users are eyeing for since the assistant is pretty much restricted only to the Pixel smartphones. While there are a ton of methods through which you can get the Assistant on non-pixel phones (Flash required), there is no official update for the same. However, things could change in the near future as per the new reports which we have. It looks like the Assistant feature might not be exclusive to Pixel phones anymore.

According to the source, it has been reported that the new alpha update of the Google App is enabling the Google Assistant on few of the non-pixel smartphones. However, before you get too excited, you might want to hold on to that thought, since not everyone is able to use the Google Assistant and only a few devices have access to it. And it looks like there is no obvious reason as to why some of them are able to use it, while others are not. Hence it is not exactly clear at the given point in time.

Also, since this is an Alpha version of the software, it is not completely stable, and hence we don’t suggest you try it out. However, if you absolutely have to give it a shot for the sake of Android, then go ahead and pick up the APK from the source link below. Once you have taken the brave decision of installing it, long press the home button, just as you would normally do to access Google Now. If your device has the access to Google Assistant, then at this point, you would get a pop up for Google Assistant. If not, then you are out of luck and should probably switch back to the old version which you were previously running.

Apart from the weird Google Assistant anomaly, the new Google App also has support for payments and delivery information for use with Google Assistant. It also includes a recent search page and a lite mode as well, however, both of these options can be disabled from the account settings. The Geeks have also found that there’s also evidence in the code for an advanced offline search. This will download a couple of search results once the connection is back online and more. There are a ton of new things as well, which you can read in detail on the source link over at Android Police.

Having said that, it is not confirmed if Google will go ahead and enable the Assistant for non-pixel smartphones just yet since it is pretty much the only exclusive feature on the software end, which the Pixel owners are getting. Let us know your thoughts on this by commenting in the comment section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info on the same.


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