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Apple joins Wireless Power Consortium adding more sparks to the iPhone 8 rumors



Apple‘s upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to break all the barriers and come out really strong with some unique new features. On the same lines, one of the features which all of us are waiting for is the wireless charging. While there are a lot of rumors that points to the possibility of this happening, the recent reports simply add more sparks in the air. We now a have new reports which claim that Apple has recently joined the wireless power consortium. Yes, Apple is now one of the 213 members of the Wireless Power consortium.

If you have been following the iPhone 8 rumors for a long time, then you might be aware that the company was expected to unveil a new technology to be able to charge the devices from a distance. However, now it just looks like Apple will be going for a similar kind of tech, that most other manufacturers are using, which is the simple inductive charging a.k.a Qi. Qi, which is pronounced as ‘Chee’ is the leading wireless charging solution which most manufacturers are using in their products, ranging from smartphones to kitchen products, etc.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are the best example of the Qi charging where the smartphones are charged by placing them on a charging pad. Also, the advancement with the Qi charging technology has been significant over the past couple of years. It is now capable of scaling less than 1 watt to over 2,000 watts of power, which is more than enough to charge most of the consumer products that are now available in the market. And now Apple joining the consortium is rather unsurprising given all the hype with an iPhone with wireless charging.

Interestingly, a Chinese company called Luxshare is also a member of the WPC. This is worth noting since there have been rumors in the past which stated that Apple will be selling wireless charging pads made by Luxshare. It was also reported that charging coils used in the Apple Watch chargers were also provided by Luxshare. While this could be completely irrelevant here with what we have on our plate right now, but it is an interesting notion to have them on the same page.

Apple has also confirmed that it has joined the WPC in this statement where states that, ‘they are an active member of many standards development organizations. Apple has now joined the Wireless Power Consortium to be able to participate and contribute ideas to the open, collaborative development of the standard and they looks forward to working with WPC and its members’. With that said, let us know what do you think about this and what are your expectations regardling the wireless charging capabilities of the upcoming iPhone.


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