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MBody Smart Shorts with Real-Time Audio Coaching for Muscle Activities



Mynotec MBody Smart Shorts

Well, if you thought that the strangest things won’t happen in the tech world, you might be wrong. While the enthusiast might be aware of the strange but very useful technology of wearables, it is always interesting to see new things come out in the market. And this new product that comes into the light on the crowd funding platform, Kickstarter is one of them.

Myontec Mbody Coach is a fitness tracker that’s very much different than the usual wearable technologies we have seen so far. The first thing is that this wearable is not designed for the casual fitness tracking while it is aimed as a dedicated sportswear. And the second thing is that, it is not made in the form of a wristband or a tracker that fits in your pocket, instead company made Body as a pair of smart shorts.

Mynotec MBody Smart Shorts

This new kind of wearable tech have the similar set of features, which you mostly found in the fitness trackers, like accelerometer, heart rate sensor, calories counter, etc. Though, it touts the sensors for the four muscle groups present in your legs and thighs. These sensors can measure muscle load and co-ordination, as well as efficiency, balance, and much more things.

It is clearly not designed for keeping in mind the usage of a general person. It will be mostly relevant to the fitness enthusiast and the sports persons as the Mbody is designed to give active audio coaching to those professionals. Company have been testing its product among the professional athletes, while, in its recently launched Kickstarter campaign, they talk about a new feature, which makes it more useful for the enthusiastic amateurs.

The most important issue or critic that the fitness wearables face is how accurate they can track your health activities. While we also have raised this issue and shared our opinion about it. However, it is also important to know at least something about your health. But if you are a health conscious person, and wants more detailed data about your health, then, MBody is one of the best options available for you. As the smart shorts are capable of giving you real-time analysis of your performance, and as well as advices you on how you can improve. All this is delivered to you via the companion app on your smartphone. It can talk you through warm-ups, analyze your technique, spot the problem areas, and deliver progression analysis on your smartphone.

You can get these Mynotec MBody smart shorts at an early birds price of $159 & $249 while the retail price afterwards will be at $499. Company claims to ship the product in the month of December this year.

Source: Kickstarter


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