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Motorola Razr Couldn’t Stand 27,000 Folds, Fails Durability Test



Well, the folding Motorola Razr phone went for pre-order starting last month in the US and later it also released many videos for potential owners on how to use and take care of the foldable phone’s screen. Now CNET has conducted a torture test on the phone and suggests that the screen is not the only thing the users should be worried about.

CNET put the Motorola Razr phone to a test in what was a 12-hour live show and after hours of testing the results were not satisfying. CNET noticed that there was a problem in closing the device all the way and the hinge has become very stiff after 27,000 folds.

A similar kind of torture test was conducted on Samsungs Galaxy Fold device with the help of a FoldBot and it was able to survive around 120,000 folds before it gave up. In the live stream, it was noticed that the machine was experiencing some resistance from the phone and was making noises and resisting the fold but the screen of the device worked well and it didn’t change.

The point here to be noticed that, the machine used to fold the Motorola Razr was closing the device halfway but the machine used for the Galaxy Fold was folding it all the way through. Well, we do not have any word from the Company as of now but should be hearing something very soon. Comment in the section below to share your views and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more.



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