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Motorola Moto G 2014 Photo Gallery, Design Overview



The new Moto G for this year has been one of the perfectly powered smartphones for the mid-range listing, but Motorola cannot easily win here, thanks to the competition from the brands such as Xiaomi and Asus, which have been playing around with the pricing quite a lot. Motorola has decided to make some changes from the predecessor but the pricing was actually altered to make it cheaper, and that should be some happy news for Motorola fans and for those who trust brands such as this one rather than the newer entrants.

From the design aspect, Motorola has done nothing major in changes from the previous version (gone the Samsung way?), but there was no serious change needed too, because everything looked pretty fine, and the company might have taken the Moto E feedback quite well, thus making the changes for the new Moto G and placing the stereo speakers on the front.

Just like the Moto E last year, we don’t like the white Moto G because, this is similar and the back cover can easily take the dust. The front although doesn’t look great because of the stereo speakers, but placing them on the front can be the best decision as I always prefer speakers to be anywhere but the back area. The size of the phone isn’t any different from the ZenFone 5 and for the 5-inch screen size, the curvy design on the back can be useful to give the comfort to the user.

Above the speaker, there is an earpiece, and the sensors are located just below to it. Nothing else is seen except for the 2MP front camera, as the front touch buttons are not the standard buttons that you see below the display in some smartphones (especially the ones from LG and Samsung), and those are a part of the display. The physical buttons are all on the right, and the back panel has the camera, LED flash and Motorola’s logo vertically placed one below the other.

Nothing different for previous Motorola users, but for the ones who are shifting to Motorola for the first time, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is – you can remove the back cover of the device and thus, no issues with placement of SIM (2 SIM card slots) and MicroSD card, but the bad news is – you cannot remove the battery as it is deep embedded and one cannot easily remove the battery without unscrewing the cover over it (doing that could void the warranty).

So overall, Motorola has done quite a good job with the design as always, but the smooth white material on the back is very much prone to discoloration because it takes dust and finger marks very easily. The size is quite perfect for good comfort even though the new Moto G comes with a 5-inch display.

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