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Motorola Moto G 2014 Camera Review, Capture Samples



The camera upgrade from Moto G to the new Moto G 2014 was good with the numbers, but was that good enough with the capture quality? let us find out. The new Motorola Moto G comes with an 8-megapixel camera on the rear side, with an LED flash just below it, and for the initial trials, the picture quality was not bad at all.

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To start with, lets check out the camera app in the new Moto G. It presents with a very simple and easy to use interface, and you get to see most of the stuff hidden, and thus, a larger real estate is given for the image preview while capturing something. Swiping the screen from the left would bring out a semi-circle wheel with the several options, while swiping from the right would take you to the gallery.

Moto G Camera App

The options you can toggle, include HDR, Flash, Exposure control, Video recording (HD 720p and Slo-mo 720p), capture resolution (widescreen 16:9 at 6MP, standard 4:3 at 8MP), Location settings and shutter sound control. There is nothing more than that, and no effects, modes or such. One would miss such stuff in the camera app as most of the recent devices from other brands have been coming with them for enhancing the capture experience, and give a touch of coloring and effect to the pictures. But, Google’s Photos app is there to help later after the photo is captured.

Moto G Camera Samples

These are some captures we did under artificial light, and these are with some good light on the objects. While there is no much difference in the captures taken in a closed room and under the sunlight if there was abundant light inside, we actually are quite impressed with the picture quality for an 8MP camera.

Captures under artificial light

Captures in natural light

Captures with / without flash

Captures in low light

In the low light conditions, the images are still appreciable though not the best, and one has to have the most stable hand to take a good picture or else even a little shake is enough to distort the image.

Everything looked quite natural wherever there was abundant light, and one cannot expect more than this for an 8MP camera, and for those wondering, the camera in the new Moto G is seriously an improvement from the Moto G 2013, which had a 5MP camera on the rear side. Though, there are issues with the focusing and Motorola has not given touch to focus directly, and chose to provide the exposure control options, where the focus wheel has to be dragged where the exposure increases and we found that to enhance the brightness unnaturally.

Overall, the camera is quite good for the photo captures in the bright conditions and need some addressing in low light, but that is quite fine. We would be sharing a couple of captured videos with both standard and slo-mo video options.

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