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Moto G 2014 Android Phone Hands On & Initial Impressions



Time flies and we have the second generation of the Moto G. Apparently, Motorola has done quite a lot of changes with the camera and other inclusions, but the processor is still kept the same, which could be because the device was good with the performance regardless of how much power was given internally. Read on to know how well does it fare against it’s predecessor.

We have good news and bad news.
The bad news is, Moto couldn’t keep up with last year’s Moto G’s price.
The good news? It’s Rs. 1000 cheaper! The Moto G (16 GB) costs only Rs. 12,999.

All in all, this is one such phone which won’t make you wonder about your luck to get one, unlike the others like Xiaomi and Asus who have got limited stocks (although Asus mentioned they have devices in stock, but stores show no stock), and because Moto G is from Motorola, a brand which has been around since longest times, under Google’s eyes and then under Lenovo, there is no reason why one should think against it for the performance and user experience.

Once in hand, it doesn’t really feel any different. Same good old Moto G styled fit in your hand. Even the button placements is the same. The pronounced curve still fits nicely in hand even after the device has grown larger than it’s predecessor. Things get interesting on the front where you get a 2MP camera, 5 inch 720p IPS LCD display, stereo front facing speakers which are sufficiently loud. I could even hear it in the heavy crowd in the display area.

Once you flip the device, you’re greeted with a updated 8MP camera and ditto design of the first generation Moto G. Now, the users have plethora of options for various color shells for Moto G, 15 to be precise. Other than that there are really no cosmetic changes to the device.

Under the hood it has a meagre Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (this is second gen, right? Where is the processor upgrade Moto?) clocked at 1.2GHz and Andreno 305 GPU coupled with 1GB of RAM. These specs will allow you to have a seamless experience but don’t expect much when it comes to gaming or any graphical intense application. Motorola deserves a pat on the back for keeping the UI as vanilla/stock as possible with the only additions being their Moto Apps like Moto Migrate, Moto Alert etc. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the good of Moto X like active display and voice controls but still, it holds up pretty well on it’s own.

This was a quick hands on experience with Moto G, the review will follow up soon so stay tuned for more updates and info about this device.

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