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5 Most Difficult Smartphone Brands that are Commonly Mispronounced



Smartphone Brand Names Pronounced

Today lets talk about something thats not the regular news but about the Smart phones that have weird names. Obviously iPhone is something that easy to remember but recently we have seen a surge of devices coming from China, Taiwan, Korea that have local accent in their names, making them not just hard to spell or remember but are also commonly mispronounced. Here is a list & we welcome you all to also tell us more on what all devices you think should also be in this list.

This list is not in any specific order but a random collection of names that people keep searching, while we will also mention the official name & also how you should be pronouncing them.


Pronounced as Shao-Mi
Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra at a tech conference did try to suggest the right way but its still a huge confusion to most of the users, which is the reason the brand invested $3.6 Million on the domain name that could be easy to remember. Keeping the domain name aside, the general users or even the media have been struggling with different variants of the brand name like saw me, ksiomi, shee-yow-mee, See-Awe-Me, Zy-O-Me, sigh-OW-mee, ZHOW-mee, shaomee etc. Watch the video below to know more from Hugo.


Pronounced as Jee-oni
This is a Chinese brand that has entered India 2 years back with the introduction of some amazing devices in their portfolio. Unlike the above listed brands, this is a name thats not really hard to remember or spell but still there are many conflicts on the way it is pronounced. Here are a few variations Gίόnι, JinLee, JoNee, Johnny, Jee-o-knee, Jee O Nee, Gyani etc.


Pronounced as Wah-Wei
When the brand did a fun campaign asking random people on the street they heard some very random answers like Hoo-way-e, wah way, Who-ah-way, H wa-wei, hoo-a-wai, Hoo-Wa-Wei etc. So the next time you are at a Tech conference & someone mentions the Huawei brand you should be teaching them the right way, that you can learn from the following video.


Pronounced as Chi-ku
The brand Qiku entered India this month with their latest offering being the Qiku Terra 808 Smartphone. Around the launch itself there were many confusions on how could someone call out for this brand name & through a few searches it was found that, its officially pronounced as chiku, that does sound logical. The reason being that if you recall the Qi enabled wireless chargers, they are generally called as Chi enabled. The brand is also called as Quii-koo, chikoo, quee ku, chee ku etc..


Pronounced as Eh-sus
Asus is a well known global gain that’s not just into Smartphones but also many other hardwares like Laptops, Tablets, Displays etc. This Taiwan brand is also mis-spelled by many & that’s because the four letter of the brand name kind of confuses everyone. Here are a few ways consumers generally call this brand A-sooze, AA-soos, A-sis, Aysuhs, ASOOS, as-us, ass-uss etc..

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