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Make Money Filling Surveys for Google & Earn Play Store Credits Easily



Google has an amazing application called Google Opinion Rewards that gives you free money. Confused much? Yes, for starters let me tell you that it will actually give you free money, which you can spend on apps, games, movies, books or basically anything and everything you can buy on the Google Play Store. But in return, all you have to do is answer a few questions now and then. Users will have to take surveys that the company will push ever so often on the app.

Well, if you have been using it, then you already know that the number of surveys you get is pretty much unpredictable. For some Google is sending almost daily. However on the hand, for many, it is taking forever to get a new survey. And less the number of surveys, the less money you get obviously. Now the most important query that many of us having is why aren’t we getting more surveys? Not like Google is out of ideas or not willing to take feedbacks, etc. But the reason for the same is unknown at this point.

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However, if you are wondering what can you do get more surveys then let me tell you that you have come to the right place. If you already have the apps installed, then sit back and read through the steps given below in detail to know more about the same.

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Initial Setup

Once you have the Google Opinion Rewards application installed and open it, you will be asked to go through the initial setup. It is mandatory to go through the initial setup or else the surveys won’t be pushed to your account.


App Permissions in Settings

Not many users of the app are aware of it, but you need to give all the necessary permissions to the application before you can expect some surveys from them. The reason for the same is quite simple. Let’s say you just visited a shop or some place new, which needs customer feedback then the app will know that you visited the place only when it has necessary permissions to know about it. This is one of the primary ways of earning credits which most of the users miss out on.

In order to grant the necessary permissions, head over to the device settings and go to Apps section. Now select the Google Opinion Rewards from the list of apps installed. Now tap on Permissions and enable any permissions that you see here. As I mentioned, these will let Opinion Rewards know when you visit a particular location that is paying for customer surveys.

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Location Services

As you probably already know that Location services are quite important for the Google Opinion Rewards to work properly. Hence, open smartphone’s settings menu and then select Location. Once you are here, make sure that that the device location services are enabled and are set to “High Accuracy” mode for better results. This is very important as it is mentioned in the previously that this can pretty much send surveys based on the places you visit.

And not just that, you also need to make sure that your device’s Google location services are also enabled. In order to do this, open the Google App and open the side navigation menu. Once you are here, select the settings option and choose to go to “Accounts & Privacy” option. Up next, select “Google activity controls” and make sure that the “Google Location History” option is turned on. With that done, you are good to go as far as the location based settings for the app are concerned.

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Disable Battery Optimization

As you might notice that most of the time the app needs to keep checking your location, etc. There is a lot of background work going on here. And if your smartphone is running on Android Marshmallow or higher version then you already know that it is going to restrict most of the background activities. And the only way to prevent it from doing that is to disable the battery optimizations.

google-opinion-rewards-11 google-opinion-rewards-12 google-opinion-rewards-13

In order to do this, head over to the battery settings menu on your Android smartphone. Go to the battery optimization menu from within which you can find within the battery menu. From there, use the drop-down menu to select “All apps,” then find Google Opinion Rewards in the list. Toogle off or set to “Don’t Optimize” depending on what your device shows.

Start Exploring

If you followed all the above procedures, then you would have already guessed that in order for this work you need to get back on your feet. You have to visit different locations and business establishments that are paying customers for their valuable feedbacks. And it is quite obvious that you can’t achieve this by simply sitting at home.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that you need to be honest while filling the surveys. Many a time, Google will be sending surveys where you will have to answer loads of questions. If you randomly report something, then you will not be recieving any more surveys in future.

Note – You will need a Google account with the supported region (U.S) as location for this app to work since it is not supported in any other location.


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