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Mio Slice Fitness Tracker shows Personal Activity Intelligence scores for Better Health



Mio Global, Vancouver based health equipment manufacturer, shows off their latest fitness tracker, Slice at the CES 2016 Expo happening in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fit inside a band, the Mio Slice has a slim display that would show the fitness metrics like steps count, calories burned, distance travelled as well as features would able to track your sleep patterns.

The company is focused in reducing the risks of lifestyle related diseases and thus increasing the lifespan. And they’re planning to do by offering a Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) score after analysing your fitness data. Chosen from the results of a considerable health study of 60,000 people, it is said to offer interesting insights to how you can improve your health.

MIO Slice - Different Colors

The goals of this acclaimed study higher than the weight loss target people set as their New Year’s resolution. This feature would be exclusive to the Slice Tracker of all Mio’s products, although, the PAI score can be calculate for other fitness bands as well using company’s proprietary app.

The HUNT study conducted was among the largest health studies in history as it was monitored for over 20 years. It allows the Mio Slice to calculate more than just steps or distance, it rather measures your heart rate response to the activity as taking your age and gender in the account. Thus, offering more personalized routine designed to maintain your optimal health.

Mio Slice Fitness Tracker - PAI

Users would be told to aim at least a PAI score of 100 that is measured over a week’s period. Company claims that doing this would increase your lifespan up to 10 years as well as making you less prone of lifestyle diseases. Packing in an optical heart rate sensor and other usual set of activity tracking sensors and features a big easy to read the screen.

The Mio Slice is being previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show happening in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fitness band is said to come in four different colors, Blue, Green, Purple and Grey. But unfortunately, you would have to wait quite a long to buy it. It is due to go on sale later this year at a price of $100. While the existing Mio users can make use of their band to calculate the PAI score via Mio PAI app, which is slated to release later this month.


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