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Healbe GoBe Automatically Tracks your Food Intake, Fitness Data & Calorie Tracker



We are aware of the fact that recently many crowdfunded projects are turning out to be nothing less than a fraud, or impossible claims so that just to get money out from backers. But the crowdfunding platforms are supposedly ramping up their policies that would allow them to never let situations go out of their hands again. One such controversial project on the Indiegogo was the HealBe’s GoBe tracker, which promises to automatically track your food intake and thus calories.

After raising a million dollar crowdfunding, company did experience some delay, but now a year into since introducing their first product the small-time brand has made the GoBe tracker available to their backers. The managing director of HealBe, George Mikaberydze, has taken a lot of heat from the online publications, and it’s the least we would say, as he and the CEO, Artem Shipitsin has been accused of fraud and hustling the money of their backers.

Now talking about the product, the GoBe is no available on the retail shelves and can be purchased at a price of $299 from company’s online store. The company claims that they’re the first to introduce a working model that can truly track the calorie count without any guesswork or a manual log work. Currently, on most fitness tracker you have to log your food intake in order to learn how much calorie you have taken, and calculating calorie in the current generation of activity tracker is an algorithm and work of accelerometer.

GoBe - Sync Data

The GoBe tracker is supposedly able to track all activities, calories taken, calories burned, heart rate and sleep tracking through your skin. Not just that it also claims to track stress and hydration levels as well. If what company says is true, and that’s a big IF, then this could be a game changer for the wearable industry. The HealBe FLOW Technology is used on this band, which is company’s trademarked technology combining the measurements from pressure, accelerometer and impedance sensor to show you more accurate calories consumed. This way you’ll know more about the metabolic rate and hydration levels.

The battery on this thing is supposed to last up to three days on a single charge with an average usage. Interestingly, it shouldn’t take much longer than an hour to charge from zero to hundred. The device would be waterproof up to 3 meters, the company quotes that it’s fine to take it to shower or even for a swim. So, you don’t have to worry it about damaging, like for many fitness tracker you have to. Meanwhile, it can also track your blood pressure, which is also absent from most of the fitness trackers in the market.

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And of course, there is an app to sync up all data from the tracker to the smartphones using a Bluetooth connection. The Body Manager app lets you have access to all the health data tracked by the activity tracker, from calories intake and burn to workout data and how much quality sleep you have been getting or not. There is a Black edition of the smartwatch like tracker, which is available for the price of $319.


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