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Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 is slow? How to speed up for Better Performance in 6 minutes



Micromax always tries to compete with all the leading manufacturers of the smartphones and so it releases new devices for a low-price at regular intervals. Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 is another smartphone released by the company and to be frank; it doesn’t reach the expected level of the audience when compared to Micromax’s other products. But anyhow, with a low price, Canvas Xpress 2 is not a bad option as it comes with good specifications.

Similar to other Android devices, this phone also has few performance issues, and so we are here to share few tips for our users with which you can gear up the performance of the device to a certain extent.

Check for the Updates

First you need to check for the software updates under the ‘About Phone’ section in your device settings. If there are any updates available, then download and install them which help you to fix the minor bugs in the device and also contribute to improving the performance of the system.

Canvas Xpress 2 device

Disable/Remove Bloatware Apps

The device which you use comes with few pre-installed and bloatware apps which occupy large disk space and indirectly has an effect on the performance. So, if you find those apps unnecessary, then uninstall those apps from your device and make your phone faster. Also, do not install the apps on your device which causes battery draining and over-heating. Make sure to uninstall all the unnecessary apps in your device and always keep the phone clean from useless apps.

Factory Data Reset

In most cases, factory data reset will work out and helps in improving the performance of your device. But, before proceeding with this option, make sure to backup all of your data as it erases everything from the device thus making it new.

For factory data reset, you need to turn off your device and enter into the recovery mode. Follow your device manual to enter into the recovery mode (Usually done by pressing volume up and down buttons along with the power button simultaneously at the same time; Use volume buttons for scrolling and power button for selection). Once you are in a recovery mode, select the ‘Wipe Factory Data Reset’ and confirm it. After then, select reboot system now and wait for some time as the phone turns ON.

Canvas Xpress 2 phone

Clear Cache and Wipe Cache Partition

Now it’s time to clear the cache on your phone to improve the overall performance of the phone. First of all, you need to clear the cache of each app as every app stores cache in the background. Just go to the app manager in your device settings and open each app to clear the cache.

Wipe Cache Partition should be done in the recovery mode and for that, you need to turn off the phone to enter into the recovery mode as mentioned in the above step. In the recovery mode, select and confirm Wipe Cache Partition. Once the partition is done, select ‘reboot system now’ and confirm the selection. Now, all the cache will be wiped off from your device and you will get some space on your device along with the improvement in performance.

Few Extra Precautions

You can gear up your Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 smartphone to some extent using few simple precautions apart from the above. Always remember to turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth whenever you don’t use them and do remember to use the original chargers while charging the device. Another important precaution is that do not overrun the applications at a time as it may result in hanging of the phone.

If you face any other difficulties in the performance of your device, do let us know by commenting below, and we try to solve your issues for sure.

Full Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 Tips


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