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How To Merge Wi-Fi & Cellular Network Connection on Android / iOS with Speedify



When was the last time you wanted a higher speed Internet Connection? If you do not lie, then the answer could be every single time. Lets talk about my last holiday during the New Year when I was staying at a resort that offered a crappy Wi-Fi connection which is not good enough to stream the YouTube videos I wished to watch. The only alternative to this was the 3G connection that also was not great and since the location was out of the city, there was no LTE / 4G coverage in that area.

Few years back there was a solution for this which was found through Kickstarter called as Connectify that helped us merge the Wi-Fi connection with the Cellular Data connection to offer you a faster and reliable connection. As time passed, I switched to a Mac and figured out there was no such option available for me to get higher speeds or merge multiple connections. This was when another option was to check out the Samsung Smartphones that were Introduced at the IFA 2014 with the Download Booster Feature which merged both the connections right on your phone. You can check out the Galaxy Note 4 for trying out this feature.

What was started as the pet project by Connectify to create a more robust and secure networking platform, has turned into something that modern smartphone era would appreciate. After raising the funds, the firm worked on a tool named Connectify Dispatch that is set to create a load balancer, it would offer a combination of Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet connection. Now the time has come after 100,000 users beta testing in around seven months, to release the product for public. It’s called Speedify Mobile.

With this application, available for both Android and iOS, you can finally merge the speeds of Wi-Fi and mobile data for faster and more reliable internet connection. Usually, it’s hard for smartphones to manage the connection between these two source entities for connecting to the internet. But with the help of Speedify Mobile application, you can make the best of both worlds. As I have said, people staying at hotels don’t get to have good (most cases) Wi-Fi experience, and they are most likely afraid to browse using their mobile data connection. Now with the help of this application, you should be more indulged in what is there to explore in the city rather than worrying about your data plans.

Pre-requisites: Smartphones should be running iOS 9, or Android 4.4 Version and above.

Getting Started with Speedify

  • Download the app for your respective smartphone, Android or iOS, or maybe you are a power user having two smartphones, but if one of them is Windows Phone, then sorry folks, the company hasn’t released the app for third most popular mobile system.
  • Now you have to sign up for the service using your email address. It takes a little time to move forward; you have to be a little patient here while the app creates an account for you. Once it moves forward, enter the desired password. And you’re ready to access the services.
  • The app would request you to give permission as it creates a VPN connection. Now don’t get all spooky, the app needs to monitor traffic as it’s the basis of apps core function. If it can’t monitor the network speed, then it can’t offer a better balance between your Wi-Fi and mobile data. After accepting this, it would connect to the closest sever by default, which in our case was Singapore.
  • From the dashboard, you can monitor, the speed graphs, you can see the downtime for adapters, mobile data and Wi-Fi when connected. Remember you can also set data limits to each adapter, months or daily. It should further help you in ensuring that you don’t go overboard with your data plans.

You’ll be getting 1GB of monthly data, up to 6 months, absolutely free of cost. Note that this covers the usage for VPN. You can upgrade the package as the company offers monthly and year subscription plans. If you’re honestly looking for a VPN solution to increase your internet speed, I’d say you must experience the connection with the free account and later think of to get the advance plans or not. Company officially launched their Speedify Mobile application at the Consumer Electronics Show happened last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just a reminder, this service is already available on desktop, so you can enjoy the faster and reliable internet connection.

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