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How to Increase Battery Life on Coolpad Note 3 – Top 5 Tips



For the past couple of week I have been using the QiKU Q Terra 808 smartphone, and let me tell you that I haven’t been satisfied with a smartphone battery in such a long time. The QiKU handset manages to give a whole day’s charge despite my heavy usage. Moreover, it has a fast charging option, so I don’t need to be away from my phone for a longer time (I Know I’ve Nomophobia, we all have). You can check out my detailed review of Terra 808 to know why it is one of the best smartphones launched last year.

We are not here to talk about how good of a phone Q Terra 808 is, but we are moving on to the discussion of how you can increase the battery life on the Coolpad Note 3. It is a great device if you are using it. The most affordable handset offering in the mid-range with a fingerprint sensor and the function works quite smooth. For a fact, the QiKU (I promise it’s the last time) is created in partnership between Coolpad and 360 Total Security, so you can understand the how it’s interesting. Now following are some points that would help you increasing the battery life.

No 24/7 Connection

We are so used to be connected 24/7, whether its internet connection or anything else, the need for constant usage is always there. Well, that’s one of the first reasons that battery on your device doesn’t even last for the day. You have to control that behavior and turn off the mobile data and Wi-Fi when not required, as well as switch off the location and Bluetooth. Out of the four functions we mention you don’t necessarily have to switch them all at once for a long time. Just use the Wi-Fi or mobile data when you’re in need to check messages on social apps, and sync your fitness band at the end of the day, as most fitness trackers save the data. If you have done all that right after reading it here, then you’re off to a good start.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Coolpad Note 3 - Increase Battery Life (13)

One of the easiest tasks to instantly ensure that your battery life would not be going to unnecessary apps is uninstall them. Identify the apps/games that you don’t need right now or couldn’t care less of, and remove them from the system. You might be wondering what’s the use of enough internal storage if you can’t install as much as apps you want. Well, nothing wrong’s in that, but that doesn’t go in favor of the battery life. So, you would uninstall those apps if you want to increase the battery life of your smartphone. Head over to the Settings app and tap on the Apps section, there you have to find the bloatware and uninstall it. That simple!

Manually Update your Apps

As we talked about parting away from the constant need of connection, stopping the automatic app updates is also a way to make sure the battery life on your device last till the end of the day. For instance, if you have large size apps /games installed on your device and the automatic updates running, then after like 15-30 minutes (depending upon your net speed; slower it is more time it will take to update apps) you’ll notice around 10-15% decrease in battery life as downloading large apps in background takes a toll on the battery life. So, we suggest you go with the manual update function and install updates when you’re near your charger or when your day is finished, and you’re at home comfortable. You can do that form the Google Play Store settings, head over to the play store app and go to the settings area, Tap on the first option and select the “Do not auto-update apps” if you have already selected it.

Tweak Display Settings

The longer your touch screen display shines bright, the quicker it would drain the battery life of the smartphone, and Coolpad Note 3 is not different. More often Android users ignore the fact that as they use their devices, even when it’s not necessary, they’re contributing in hogging the battery life as display turns on more than a usual number of times. What you can do to maximize the Screen-on-Time, is reduce the brightness levels to a minimum, don’t crank up the brightness unless you need it in an emergency. You can also ensure to turn on the Adaptive brightness feature from the display settings area. Moreover, you can use the standard screen effect rather being fancy by selecting vivid in the Display Screen Effects. As well as keep contrast, saturation and color temperature default.

Turn off Smart Features

Most Chinese OEMs these days are offering smart features on their handset, may it be an affordable flagship or mid-range smartphone like Note 3 from Coolpad. This has become a trend; no doubt these gesture feature like tap to wake up, multi-screen mode, draw a letter to open an application, such kind of functions are quite resourceful. But let me tell you, they take up a lot of battery power, as those functions are always running on background waiting for you to use. They do take a small amount of power, but they would gradually amount to large quantity, so you have to turn them off at least if the battery capacity is less than 50%. And thus, allowing the smartphone to last little longer.

We hope that these tips would increase the battery life of your Coolpad Note 3 smartphone. If you’re looking for some interesting tips on how to speed up the performance of the Coolpad Note 3 smartphone, then you can check out our post about that here. Looking for further assistance with your handset? Head over to our forums page and shoot away the queries there, we would try to answer them as early as possible.


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