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Google Maps Guide: How to clear search and location history



There are lots of stuff is saved on your Google Maps account and you realise that only when you go to the history section on the app. While many people wouldn’t care to check the history, or even delete the cache of the Google Maps, as it helps them efficiently access the places that they’ve already searched before.

Well, I got a bad news for your smartphone; what you think is an efficient way of researching on Google Maps is making your device slow, as well as your app lag sometimes. You see, to be an effective system, Android doesn’t need a load of cache overload, it needs a pattern. And that pattern can be learned by Google Maps, once you start saving the places. So, there is no point in saving all the data in the form of history. Though, remember that deleting cache also deletes the saved places. But there is a simple solution for that, you have to delete the history on the device.

Clear the Location History

To clear the location history, open Google Maps and swipe from the left of the screen or click on the menu icon at the top of the screen. Clicking on the Settings will open another menu where you can find “Maps history”. Open that and click on ‘X’ of the unnecessary locations, where there will be a pop-up for confirmation to delete. Go ahead and click “delete”, repeat the same process for the other locations.

You can turn off the “Location History” by opening the same Settings you did earlier and then select “Google location settings”, it will take you to the location settings of your device. At the bottom of the list you find “Google location history”, click that and you can simply turn off the tracking of locations by Google.

Finally, it all depends on you, to turn it off or not. By turning it off, Google would not know your previous visited locations or most searched locations. So, you may not get better services from Google Now, Google Maps or any Third-party apps which use Google services. But that’s the offering you would have to make in order to get rid of your location history.

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