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LG isn’t Faking G5 comes with a Primer Applied over the Aluminium Body



Update – Now we have an update on the plastic coating issue of the LG G5. An official from LG has explained about the LG G5’s body in the comment sections fo the below video. While we all believed that the metal body comes with a thick layer of plastic on top, now we came to know that it actually a primer. The Aluminum Alloy used in the build of this smartphone is called LM201b which was atcually developed to use in Automobiles and aircraft. LG used the process called as Microdizing that combines both the primer and paint for coating on the metal body.

Normally primer is used as an adhesive between paint and metal. In the process of Microdizing, tiny particles of metal are infused in the coating and are bonded to Aluminum. According to him, this is same as paint a car or an aircraft over ots metal body. He also confirmed that the Aluminum layer is considerably thicker than primer. Hope the rear of LG G5 can resist against the scratches and drops.

Earlier: April 2, 2016 – LG had officially launched its 2016 flagship smartphone LG G5 at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. Almost five weeks after the launch, the device is now made available in few selected countries including the U.S. With the modular capabilities; the LG G5 is one of the interesting devices to look out.

While everything looked normal about the users at the time of launch, the users who got their device are complaining about the build quality and even the display. As mentioned on their official website, the LG G5 comes with a metal alloy body. But the teardown video of JerryRigEverything reveals the fake metal finish of the device.

LG G5 Scratch Test

When you hold the device, what you touch on the back is plastic. The back panel comes with a metal layer inside and a thick layer of plastic on the outside. Even the fingerprint sensor and the volume rocker are made out of plastic. Few of the users even complained about the uneven gap between the device and removable battery holder.

The backlight of the OLED display can be easily spotted on the top and bottom of the display. While Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge are regarded as the best smartphones available in the market, the LG had disappointed everyone with its LG G5. While we need to hear from LG for the reason behind using plastic on this device, let’s hope the other hardware problems are limited to the current stock of devices.


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