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LG to ditch the modular design for LG G6 smartphone, to launch in near future



LG is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the industry and has some of the greatest devices to its name like the LG G4, V20, etc. Unfortunately, the company is having a hard time now in the market after the failure of the LG G5 smartphone. No doubt that the G5 is one of the greatest devices of all time in terms of its specs and unique design, however, the modular design which is the USP of the device, didn’t really get much attention from the consumers. Well, now the company is looking move forward with its upcoming flagship for 2017 called the LG G6.

Few fresh reports from the source claim that the LG G6 smartphone is indeed in works. According to the source, the same has been confirmed by LG Chief Technology Officer Skott Ahn. He stated that the smartphone will be launched by the company in near future. Well, we could be seeing the device for the first time at MWC 2017 as well or maybe the company is planning to launch it separately. While the information regarding the launch date is not confirmed, the source claim that the smartphone will be launched initially in North America, Europe, and South Korea.

It is also being reported that LG will be moving away from the modular design which they tried to implement with the LG G5. As mentioned earlier, it was not a idea to implement by any means, it was just poorly implmented. Moreover, modularity in smartphones is not an idea which are people welcoming with open arms just yet. Most consumers want a smartphone which is good by itself without having to attach or dettach anything at any given point. It requires more parts to worry about and not to forget about the extra cost that is involved as well in buying those mods. The recently launched moto Z series of smartphones also fall into that category but the modularity idea was well implemented in comparision to the LG’s solution.

With that said, it is expected that it is going to cost less for LG to manufacture the G6 units as compared to the G5 units and hence we can expect the smartphone to cost around the same $500 mark for the unlocked variants. This would definitely allow the company to make some profits given the fact that the G6 units are getting sold as expected. LG’s mobile division has been struggling lately with the smartphone business however, the executive stated that they are still committed to the mobile devision despite of all the struggles. Well, we just hope that the LG G6 turns out to be a great smartphone and more people end up buying them for that LG can get back.


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