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Latest iPhone 7, 7 Plus are Bad News for Digital Cameras – Sales Decline Continues




Apple has always done a great job with their iPhone cameras, and the newly launched iPhone 7 & the iPhone 7 Plus are no exception. This year, yet again, the company made refinements to the camera on the iPhone 6s and has come up with an improved camera. Also, this year’s Plus variant now comes with a dual camera lens with a couple of nifty features up its sleeves. Yes, Apple indeed has a stellar record when it comes to the camera, and now the launch of the iPhone 7 Plus have already excited the hardcore photographers.

Well, now that the smartphone cameras have become so much better, digital camera manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up their sales numbers. Looking at some statistical data, it is quite clear that the numbers are not looking good. Over the past half decade, sales numbers which were as good as 121.5 million in the year 2010 has now gone done to 13 million in the first half of 2016. And it is reported that the compact cameras have been hit hard since now everybody has a great camera built into their smartphones.


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This doesn’t come as a surprise since it was bound to happen with all the recent advancements in the digital photography. And with more apps like Instagram and Snapchat, it is not easier than ever to share a moment with anyone instantly. However, professional digital cameras are still the way to go many, when it comes to photography. But for others who just want a decent camera to take photos cruising around the city, etc. are doing just fine with the smartphone cameras. And with more and more devices with better cameras coming in future, it is expected that the camera market may go down ever further.


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