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Apple iPhone 7 comes with 1,955 mAh Battery, iPhone 7 plus with 3GB of RAM



Apple is really good with its presentation, and everyone would agree to that. Same is the case the with the recent event that they hosted for the launch of the new iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. This time, also they did a great job, and we hope many will be convinced to buy these new iPhones. But one thing to be noted here is that the company missed mentioning many of the key specs of these smartphones.

At the launch event everywhere were surprised to see that there was no battery capacity information mentioned. We have found a capacity of 1,955 mAh according to a telecom network that had shared this information. The iPhone 6s came with 1,715 mAh of capacity in 2015 which clearly tells us that this year the battery has been bumped by 14%. Refer to the following image to know more, though there’s no information yet for the battery capacity on the iPhone 7 plus Smartphone.

iphone 7 Battery Capacity

Yes, they did tell us which processor they are using in these new iPhones and how fast it is and all. But nobody said anything about how much RAM these devices have. If you remember, they also didn’t tell us anything about the video capturing capabilities of the iPhones. So maybe you might think that there isn’t anything new here to mention, and that’s why the company didn’t bother putting it up there on the presentation. Well, you are wrong. Yes, the new iPhone 7 Plus does come with more RAM.

According to the recent benchmark results from the Geekbench website, it is now confirmed that the iPhone 7 Plus comes with an extra GB of RAM than the predecessor. The iPhone 7 Plus now officially becomes the first ever iPhone to have 3GB of RAM. This is still very less as compared to some of the Android devices out there, but still, i think the iPhones will do just fine with it as we all know how well these devices are optimised. No doubt on that because these devices scored extremely good as compared to some of the best Android smartphones.

Also interestingly, the benchmarks show that only two processor cores are handling the load. The device comes with the new A10 Fusion processor which has 4 cores. At the keynote, it was mentioned that two out of these 4 cores will run 40 percent faster than the A9 and the remaining two will run at 1/5th power, that will give longer battery life. So we believe that during the benchmark, the new performance controller put the high-performance chips to work and hence we see this result.


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