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Klatz Smart Bracelet Can Turn into a Handset – Details



Klatz Used a Handset

One of the reasons to buy a smartwatch or smartbands is because of the ability to make calls or receive them on these devices. Even it’s comfortable to have the option of calling or answering from your wrist, it would be socially awkward to talk like that. And if not socially, it would be hard to keep conversations private while you are out and about on the subway or in the office.

Klatz Smart Bracelet

Here, comes a transforming wearable called Klatz, which can turn into a miniature handset that can be used to communicate in a more natural way, as it pulls out of your arm. The device boasts a curved LED screen, which is minimal and lightweight. The manufacturers promise a 10-day battery life too, which all will cost you $99 if you decide to support their Indiegogo campaign, currently active now.

As the phones are getting bigger every year, just like the recently Announced Nexus 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus to be name few. There is a room for wearables that can perform functions of these smartphones in a more natural way. And here the Klatz comes into play.

Alongside its ability to transform from wearable to a handset, the device also offers notification support for texts and email. To make these calls, texts, it relies on a connected smartphone to be able to make calls and get connected to the internet. It also boasts the ability to control music player software via your mobile device.

Klatz Used a Handset

The device touts its scratchless body type, as it is made out of the most scratch-resistant plastic. And it is designed in such a way that metal edges protect it from the contact with surfaces. While it would not be waterproof, the device would still be resistant to the accidental water splashes and dust. It will have a clock face editable, just like the Pebble smartwatch.

The Klatz would be able to provide various set of features without using the support of a companion app on your smartphone. The feature includes display time, notifications from iOS devices, activity tracking, music player control, as well as would allow users to receive and make calls without the client application connectivity. While it will support iOS and Android devices via the Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, which will allow it to work in headset mode.

The LED display on the device is made in-house and offers an energy saver mode, which when turned on can stretch battery life up to a full month. The bracelet will come in four sizes to fit on your wrist and will have a variety of color choices to choose from. And if the crowd funding goal is reached, the backers would get their gadgets starting March next year.

Source: Indiegogo 


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