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Olive – A Smart Bracelet to Manage Stress with Simple Exercises



Olive Blacelet -LED Breathe

In this fast paced life, wearables technology is trying to change the way we perform activities related to our fitness, as well as social life. Even though, with fitness bands we manage to reach some fitness goals, but with so much to take into actions in life, the stress levels are off the charts in a busy person’s life. Well, that same wearable technology is now helping a New York-based startup to create an intelligent bracelet that will help you manage those stress levels. The team has put up a campaign on Indiegogo for the crowd funding their product, and it looks-like the goal will be reached sooner.

Olive Blacelet -LED Breathe

Olive is one such product that a team of designers and engineers in New York came up with. Roughly, this new wearable product will be a combination of a fitness band and a mental health specialist. As the Olive will guide you on how you can conquer your stress, by simple exercises at the right time based accordingly to your daily activities.

Company is working with scientists and expert researchers from many fields, finding out what type of exercises can relax your mind, resulting in a reduction of stress. This all will be done through a wristband enabled with dozens of sensors to monitor your stress metrics, and it would be controllable via the companion app. With only extensive research, a substantial list of exercises would be found to reduce stress levels as stress won’t be solved with only one factor.

Let’s Shed some light on its specs; the device will include a heart rate sensor to analyze the BPM variations of our heart. As well as it touts the abilities like skin sensors (to measure emotional reactions), ambient light sensor (to note when body is exposed to light), motion sensor (to analyze muscle tension), and the skin temperature, as this all would be helpful in determining the stress levels over the period.

Olive Bracelet with Charging Cradle

To give you a better understanding of how it will work, let us share an example. It will work with an app to cue you through steps of stress management exercises, and these would be notified via the LED indicator. The Olive will also boast a vibration mode, which will be activated to gently massage pulses on your wrist, is it will eventually guide your breath.

It is a two-way interaction, as users can double tap on the device whenever they feel awesome. And Olive will capture that moment and will help you remember what a wonderful day it was for you, ultimately leading you to make feel better. Or if you feel like you have a too much stress, then, just rub this wearable, as it will launch an exercise to manage a stressful situation.

The most interesting thing to mention here is that, Olive can work on standalone mode too. As you don’t necessarily need a companion app on your smartphone to use its primary and quite useful functionalities. Though, using the companion will have its perks. This all can last up to four days, which is quite good considering that it will be tracking all of your activities.

The Olive will be retailing at a price tag of $150; though, consumers can get this for a discount cost of $129. Company claims that wristbands will be shipping to the backers in November next year.

Source: Indiegogo


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