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Bracelet Charging Cable for your Smartphones – Details



Bracelet Charging Cable

There are dozens of wearables announced every month, while some are smartwatch, fitness trackers, or a wristband with both abilities. Wearables technology has tried to come up with a technology, which can allow the smartphone users to charge their devices on the go. It is known for a fact that charging cables are somewhat a headache and most probably are bulky and inconvenient to carry around.

Now a UK-based designer is raising funds on the Kickstarter campaign, about his product called Bracelet Charging Cable (BCC). As the name suggests, it is not exactly the solution for the battery issues that we experience on our smartphones. But it allows you to conveniently carry around the charging cable wearing around your wrist. It does not exactly look bulky, instead it acts as a fashion accessory that people like to wear on their wrist. And it would be a great surprise and help for a friend who thought there is no charging cable lying around him.

Bracelet Charging Cable

The device is available two types, one for Apple products, where you will have lighting connector cable stuffed inside the bracelet. While the other model will feature a microUSB cable for the Android smartphones users to take advantage of this bracelet cum charging cable.

According to the creator, the Bracelet Charging Cable has all the necessary certifications including CE, RoHS and of course, FCC. Looking around closely, you have noticed that you are most of the time close to the USB ports, whether it is your car, laptop, bar or whatever else. But the one thing kept missing from all that scenario was the charging cable, as it is bulky and inconvenient to carry around that all the time. While you can always wear a wristband, if its stylish and has a charging cable stuffed inside it within the size of your wrist.

It was not the work of a single man, as he teamed up with popular designing team called Chivote, and created a finest bracelet with the combination of both technology and craftsmanship. The Bracelet Charging Cable is available for as low as £12, but the early bird pledges for the product has already sold out. And if you want to still get it for a relatively low price tag of £17, then now is your chance. The team, claims that the wearable will start shipping in December this year.

Source: Kickstarter


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