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KidFit Wristband and Fitness Tracker for Kids from X-Doria




Fitness Trackers have been made for adults in various sizes shapes and forms, but no specific wristband has been designed for children to fit their size and their requirements, a company called X-Doria is the first to introduce a wristband exclusively for kids named KidFit.


The device is targeted to kids in the age group of 5-13 years which is worn by kids that are capable of tracking activity, and sleep pattern of kids, which will be connected to your smartphone to keep track of all the information.
The device is neatly designed to fit the requirements of kids, the strap and the main frame of the smartwatch is a single unit. And the working device is fixed into the band that comes in black color, and the band comes in different colors like Blue, Black, Pink and Yellow. The device has a LED indicator on the top and USB port on the side which will be visible when you remove it from the band.

KidFit can be charged with the help of USB. The Wristband on the inner side facing the wrist has a texture, which will help in giving better grip. And the band has Snap Band design to hold on your kid’s wrist while he is playing and up to his antics. It has an IPX3 rated splash proof design to survive the things that your kids will put the device through.

The device connects to your smartphone with the help of an app that is available for both Android and iOS which will sync the details from the device into the app. Parents or kids themselves can set daily tasks and goals to complete daily that will get points and encourages your kids to complete the tasks.

With the help of the App, you can track your kid’s physical activity and also the amount of sleep your kid is getting in turn improving his/her health.

If you have kids and are planning to get a KidFit then this is the time as this device is available at a discounted price of $39.99. Till August 15th for the first 100 orders so hurry up and after that the retail price will be applicable of $49.99 afterwards.


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