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Pavlok – Bracelet that gives you Shock to wake up on time [Habit Forming]




Wristband that are notifying you and keeping track of your daily workout or giving you reminders have been around but here is a wristband, which will punish you if you do not complete a task or are trying to void your fitness routines.

Pavlok is the name of the wristband which was the idea of Maneesh Sethi, who based the device on the terms of positive reinforcement idea, which we use to teach our kids or pets to enforce good behavior in them. The device is particularly different from all the other such devices, as the user is given a slight electric shock whenever he/she fails to complete a deadline. Or a task or a fitness routine which was intended to be done at a given time.


Maneesh Sethi, who became famous for hiring his personal assistant to slap him whenever he opened Facebook in his daily routine, this gave birth to this idea of positive reinforcement as everyone don’t like to slap do you. The bracelet or wristband will also give you positive feedback whenever you complete a given task or fitness regimen over a period.

Users have to programme the bracelet according to their requirements like opening Facebook, any chatting applications or even number of tabs in their web browsers and also can set fitness regimen like meditating for a given period to work out or to jog.

Pavlok Band

If the set task is not completed, the user will be getting a shock from the bracelet and also will be charged money. Through, the app so that it will act as a negative factor to which the user is forced to complete the task.
If the task or a goal is completed, the user is rewarded with certain gifts like money through the account or some coupons or lottery tickets. It acts as a positive reinforcement to the user who will be encouraged to complete the tasks to gain the rewards.

Even simple daily tasks like alarm can also be used to reinforce the user, if you press the snooze button twice the second time you press it you will be getting a slight shock which is electrocuting you into submission to wake up on time.

It is a great device to improve your lifestyle and also make sure that you are completing your tasks on time without becoming lazy, or wasting time. This device will be released into the market later this year and will be priced at around $250.


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