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Microsoft working on Smart Alice Band for Blind people for Narrative View



Microsoft Alice Band

Wearables market is going great guns with devices of all kinds and having multiple uses, and features to help cater the needs of all kinds of people ranging from Fitness trackers to heart rate monitors. And even wearable devices for keeping track of your Pets and objects. Here is another great wearable device for Blind people that will help them see through this device to do their daily chores.

The device is being worked upon by tech giant Microsoft, which is supposedly naming the device Smart Alice Band, which will help blind people see things around them. Microsoft has not yet revealed any details about the device or its features but the rumour mills say that the device is being tested in UK by a group of Blind people mainly in Reading at the moment.

Microsoft Alice Band

According to Rumours, the device will be capable of helping a blind person have a feel and narrative view of the things around him/her. And to help with many daily chores, which are simple but a herculean task for Blind people like navigation to a destination, identifying an object in front of them, shopping is a supermarket for groceries. Knowing the currency, that they are holding, and many other things which Alice band will make it easy for its users with the help of the ear piece.

There was a concept video published in 2012 which as under a project named Cities unlocked which was the joint venture by Microsoft, Guide Dogs and Future cities to help build smart city technology. There is a lot of scope in the wearable category which can be used to cater to many categories of people that smartphones could not get into.

This device is catering to the blind similar to the wearable device named OrCam, which was a device with an Ear Piece to help the visually impaired to help see and feel their surroundings and make their life a lot easier.


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