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Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds with Heart-Rate Sensors Launched



Jabra Sport Pulse

The wearables market is still in its stage of initial growth; while the 2015 would be a big year for this category of devices, there is no doubt that we would see a lot of innovation during that period. This new pair of headphones promises just that only, because they are not just made for music play, they can also track your fitness activities. Yes, you read that right; the music and fitness tracking devices have come together in the new Jabra’s Sports pulse Wireless headphones.

Jabra Sport App

The headphones designed comes equipped with heart-rate sensor and is accompanied by a fitness app. Company touts these headphones as an all-in-one training solution. The earbuds are encased in carbon fiber and are connected by a short black wire, which sits behind the user’s neck. As the message conveyed by the name of the headphones, they perform connection between a smartphone and themselves, wirelessly. Bluetooth is used to reduce the clutter.

The device features a microphone and a controller to play and pause music, change tracks, as well as control volume levels, and take calls. It is also equipped with microUSB slot, which is used for charging the device. Though, the battery life isn’t that great, as it provides talk/listening time of around 5 hours. But considering the fact that it has an incredible standby time, which is around 240 hours, overall it can be said that the battery life is good. Jabra claims that these headphones feature world-class wireless sound, meaning, they have been created using Dolby Digital Sound technology.

Jabra Sport Pulse

The Jabra sound app allows users to create and browse playlists, share music, as well as adjust the sound equalizer to their preference. To make it convenient for users, company has also added music controls to the Jabra Sports Life app, which has a primary purpose to help plan, track, and evaluate workouts. The app also provides the personalized real-time voice coaching, based on wearer’s preferences. You can set goals based on distance, time, or calories burned, as well as test aerobic capacity while adjusting heart rate zone levels to optimize training can be done via app.

Company touts the data results shown 99.2 percent correlation against the accuracy with electrocardiogram (ECG) machine. The heart rate information is supplied to the app by the heart rate monitor integrated into the earbuds themselves. The music and fitness combination device is available at a price tag of $199.

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