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Intel and SMS Audio Launched In-ear Headphones that Monitors Heart Rate – Details



SMS Audio BioSport Ear buds

The biggest obstacle wearables are facing so far is the battery life, while this category of devices has shown tremendous growth rate over the time, we are yet to see a better battery components optimized for wearables. But it seems like Intel has found an alternative solution for this issue as it has used that technology in addressing the concern for the power option in their new smart earbuds.

The SMS Audio and Intel have launched the SMS Bio-Sport In-Ear Headphones, a collaborative effort between the two companies. Like other offerings, such as LG and Jabra’s fitness-focussed earbuds, the SMS Audio earbuds can measure heart rate as well as sync with an app to tell you how many steps you have walked or burned.

SMS Audio BioSport Ear buds

Though, Intel claims it is the first device that draws the energy from your phone through its audio jack, which took company more than a year to perfect the technology. Not only did they have to figure out how to harness power from the audio jack, but also make sure the speakers were able to function alongside the infrared sensors, which is used to measure the heart rate.

The earbuds pack built-in sensor that continuously measures your heart rate while dynamically removing noise signals caused by your body’s motion during your workout. While you get a month’s trial pack of RunKeeper Elite, bundled with headphones, though, the app is compatible with most of the leading fitness apps.

With SMS Audio earbuds being IPX4 rated, you don’t have to worry about it being damaged due to sweat, as well as water. Meaning, you can do your workouts in even most aggressive conditions. The ability to switch from playing your music to acting as a microphone when you receive a phone call while measuring your heart rate was quite a challenge for Intel, which they excelled.

Despite the availability of in-ear headphones that can track your steps, calories and measure heart rates, the wristbands seem to be favored by the wearables market. However, Intel claims that using-in-ear devices can provide to be more accurate when it comes to fitness since people sometimes tend to swing or move their arms when they are not necessarily exercising.

The SMS Audio first announced in August this year are now available to purchase from company’s website at a price tag of $149.95. While the cost may seem too much for a headphones, but here you are getting more than that.

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