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Best iPhone Apps for Kids aged 1 year old



Best Kids Apps

There are plenty of apps being released every day for children young as 1 year olds, and if a parent or guardian has decided to let their child play with iPad or iPhone. Then, they need to make sure that the apps their kids are using would be fun, as well as allow their child’s mind to develop fast. There are certain apps in the App Store that are being developed for the same purpose. In fact, there are tons of apps available for iOS devices. Therefore, it would be quite a hard task for parents to find out best apps for their junior. To make their task easier, we have made a collection of apps that would be great for the kids aged 1 year old. So, let’s dive into the list shall we.

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Note: This list would frequently be updated if we found apps that are worthy to recommend our readers.

TallyTots Counting

TallyTots Counting

This is the ultimate app that would allow your little one to learn counting. The app offers 20 playful activities, and as they play with higher numbers, your junior would see the lower numbers again, allowing him to relearn it. All this can be done in a fun way, as they can sing along to the catchy song and learn numbers up to 100.

Mini-U: ZOO Alphabet

With every page being interactive in this app, your toddler is in for quite the fun. This app offers an extensive introduction to 63 animals including emu, meerkat and more. Your junior would be taking part in activities like tracing, counting and musical play. Lighted up with lively animation, this app is the perfect playground for your kid.

LetterSchool – Learn to Write Letters and Numbers

LetterSchool - learn to write letters and numbers

An intuitive app is helping kids learn the letters and numbers featuring live animations and sound effects, which is making it more entertaining. The app supports three types of handwriting styles including D’Nealian, Handwriting without tears and Zaner-Bloser. So, make the day of your junior my present him this app.

Touch, Look, Listen – My First Words

A perfect app for bilingual families, available in English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese, this app, allows your toddler to learn the names of frequently seen objects in the environment. You can also add colors, the number to that list of services it offers. The 3D pop-up book is there to help your child learn faster while having as much fun as possible.

Goodnight Mo – 3D interactive pop-up book

Goodnight Mo - 3D Interactive Pop-Up Book

An ultimate bedtime app for your kid, as with calm background music and narration, the app would lull him to sleep. This is a storybook app that is a good companion for your toddler as he gets ready for bed. The app follows a character Mo, who goes through a nightly routine of taking a bath, as well as brushing the teeth. Your junior can tap on the screen in order to make them yawn.

Peekaboo Barn

The farm-themed app offers a combination of kids’ favourite things to do: peekaboo and make animal sounds. Tapping on the barn doors would reveal the animals, and you could make the noises along with them. It is a fun way to learn cause and effect, as well as animal names and sounds. Your kid will see animal’s names and that will encourage him for early literacy skills. Moreover, it allows you to record your voice – or grandpa’s or grandma’s – in any language.

Little for Music Box – Kids Song, Sing Along

Little Fox Music Box – Kids songs – Sing along

This is an interactive jukebox app that features the songs like Old Mc Donald Has a Farm, London Bridge, as well as Evening Song. The app offers multiple layers of animations for entertainment and features a karaoke mode with the support of English and German captions. Moreover, your junior can get creative by making his music in the treehouse studio.

Your toddler is really going to like the above list of apps, while you work handover your secondary smartphone or tablet and let the kid have some entertainment by himself. Though, there are few apps that require involvement of parent or guardian too. Remember, don’t forget to bookmark this link as we would be updating the list if we come across any genuine apps for 1 year old kids.


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