How To Setup Kiosk/Child Mode on iPhone / iPad & Limit Access to 1 Application

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Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, and even older siblings have all likely dealt with handing their smartphones over to young children. No matter if they want to play games or watch cartoons or record funny noises, you’re handing over a very personal device to those who can mess up what they don’t know. So, it gets pretty important that you secure your device. While there is a dedicated Kids Mode on high-end Samsung Galaxy Series of smartphones, but you don’t get a dedicated mode for child on iOS devices.

Though, there is a feature on the device that can work as a child mode. It is called Kiosk Mode, which is used for showcasing a product or service offerings that you see in the big offline electronics stores. But these days, people are also integrating it into their conference booth display. Though, generally it is mounted on kiosks, that’s why the name Kiosk Mode. We share some tips about it on how you can use this mode as the child mode too.

How to Enable Guided Access on your iOS devices

  • First you need to go to Settings.
  • Now find the Accessibility section under the general tab.
  • Under the Learning section, you will find the Guided Access option.
  • Set the switch to ON.

Settings - Accessibility Settings - Guided Access

To make sure that this feature is not accessed by other users, you have to set a Passcode. Tap on the “Set Passcode” option and configure it accordingly. You’ll need to remember the passcode. Or either you can use the Touch ID feature if available on your device.

How to Configure Guided Access on your iOS devices

  • Make sure that the Guided Access is enabled from the settings
  • Now launch the app that your child wants to use.
  • Just triple-click the Home button, doing that you will enter the “Guided Access” setup screen.

There are six options to choose from to configure the mode. It includes Hardware Buttons like Sleep/Wake button and Volume Button, as well as options like Touch, Keyboards, and Motion. You will also able to set time limit for the Guided Access sessions.

Kiosk Mode - ConfigureKiosk Mode - Configure

After configuring the Guided Access, just tap on the “Start” button in the top right corner. Your app is now running in Guided Access/ Kiosk or say, Child mode if you like. Now there will be no effect if you try tapping on the Home button, Sleep/Wake button, or Volume rocker keys.

How to Enable and Disable the Kiosk/Child Mode in a App

Once you are in the app that your kid or friend needs to use for a while. Then, you can just triple-click on the home button to enable the Guided Access. Now to disable it, you can either triple-click the home button again or can set the time limit at which it will alert you about the end of the session. Though, you will have to disable it through the same Passcode or the Touch ID.

Settings - Guided Access DisbaledSettings - Time Limit

Finally, we want to say that this is a pretty cool feature that Apple provides on its devices. While there is no dedicated apps for kids like Samsung’s Kids Store (which now has 900 apps and games), we like that there is no unnecessary clutter involved in setting up the Child aka Kiosk Mode. Moreover, you can enable this feature whenever your friend asks for your phone to check photo gallery or any specific app.

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  • Thanks for the safety dedicated article! Definitely shows Phoneradars variety! This of course will work wonders for apple users looking to childproof their phones. Unfortunately even if my old phone was childproofed, it still wouldn’t savie it from my pesky sister who dropped it from a 103ft. Height!

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    This is going to save me from all my stupid fellas of school ahh just found it exexcellent but its only available for IOS ??? What abot other android devices ?? Is there any app to do the same .. If yes then i would really like to download and make it personal .. The best part is we can also activate child mode to save it from our stupid friends..

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    Wow i wished Apple made this more familiar within the their keynotes and actually spent the time showing us this feature!!! It nice to see Apple take on this problem and the solution is brilliant but i have to say canny. I would like to see Apple now include own kids app and also a whole new OS for them. Thats something Samsung has done and they are rocking it with the kids!! Samsung is clearly a step ahead in this case