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Fever Scout Wearable Thermometer Continuously Monitors your Child’s Temperature



Monitoring a child’ health isn’t as easy it looks while most modern parents might be unavailable to be with their children all the time; it is entirely possible to track the health status of the kids using a wearable. The Fever Scout is such product that can be of great value to the parents as it monitors your child’s body temperature whenever attached to the body.

Unlike multiple digital health tools available on the market that are quite gruesome to use, this new wearable offers a simple solution to observe the health of your child, specifically the body heat continuously. Admit it; it’s not pretty to stick those digital tools in the mouth or on the forehead of your child. That’s where this wearable patch comes into play.

The Fever Scout is an ideal temperature monitoring wearable for your kid as it is capable to transmit collected data wirelessly to the synced smartphone. The wearable seems to come with a wireless charging feature as it needs to be put on the handy charging cable. The company didn’t specify the exact battery capacity, but it shouldn’t be under your worry list, as it sure isn’t unlike any other health monitoring tool.

With a flexible design language, it makes the possibility to wear it throughout the day comfortably, so that data can be collected for the day. This just means parents can more efficiently monitor their kid’s health. The companion app with scout can store the history and moreover the app would also alert you whenever the temperature rises above a preset threshold. I don’t want to be too dramatic here, but this can seriously make the difference, if your child is very ill, then it’s the matter of life or death.

Fever Scout - History

With the support of Bluetooth 4.1, it can transmit data up to a range of 8 meters; it is the reasonable distance for Fever Scout to provide the continuous monitoring. Even, though the 4.1 version standard of Bluetooth is capable of transmitting up to 30 meters, it isn’t always the case if there’s so much interference present mainly walls and appliances. So, the above-recommended distance mentioned by the company is made through going after some valid testing.

Well, since you asked so nicely, I would tell you that battery on this thing is enough for one week, which as good as it gets. In the retail unit, you can find the ten medical-grade adhesives for usage up to 10 times, after that you would have to buy them from the market. Currently, the wearable is only compatible with iPhones and iPads, while company promises the Android support sometime in spring this year. And that’s when the $59 Fever Scout is said to ship.


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