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How To Increase / Boost the Volume of Any Android SmartPhone



Android devices come with an Eco-Friendly sound system where the noise coming from your smartphone will not harm neither you nor your surrounding. But if you are using a smartphone from over any year, then the sound on your device is reduced to some extent due to the dust surrounded by the Speaker Grills. Or if you are using a smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6 and your device fell into the water accidentally. In such a case due to the accumulation of the water on your device, the sound system gets disturbed, and the quality of the sound is also reduced. In such a strange situation you would be wondering how to increase the sound on your device then I suggest you to try the Volume Booster GOODEV, which I feel is one of the beat applications available on the Google Play Store to enhance the Sound Performance on your device if you use this in Limits.

Using the application is a simple process.

Step 1: Download the application from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Once the application is installed, open the app from the App Drawer.

Step 3: A Warning message stating use the application in a limit is displayed on your device. Now click on the Ok Button to proceed further.

Step 4: Boost window with a scrollable option is displayed on the screen using which you can increase and reduce the volume percentage on your device. If you feel like the volume is low the slowly increase the percentage depending upon your requirement and check the sound quality at regulars period.

If you feel like there is some disturbance while you change boost percentage then immediately stop the process bring the boost % to zero and close the app. You have successfully customized the Audio on your smartphone.

[appbox googleplay wait.what.volumebooster]


  • For a better usage always play a music track and then change the boost percentage on your device which will help you in understanding the Audio quality.
  • Never the cross the primary limits when you try to increase the boost percentage on your device as it may cause severe damage to your ear, or it may damage your speaker grills or your entire device.

If you are a music lover, then you will find an interesting set of instruction available in the settings section using which you can adjust the loudness according to your requirement. If you open the settings on this app, you will find four options, i.e., Show volume control, Notification Bar, Non-uniform boost, and Maximum Allowed boost. The non-uniform boost must be enabled on your device as it will moderate the low and high-frequency boosts and improve the voice clarity and also decreases the destruction of the speakers. The maximum allowed boost is 40%, but you can change that to 0-100% depending upon your choice where increasing the boost limit may harm your device. So you must be responsible for your own activity.


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