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How To Access Most Important & Unread WhatsApp Chats directly on Android




WhatsApp is one of the largest texting application that people use during their leisure to text people. These days it has also become one of the best media transfer application using which you can share the data from your device without any interruption. WhatsApp is both good and bad it all depends on the users choice how they appreciate it.

If you are regular WhatsApp user then here few tips regarding them using which you can keep an eye on the important messages received from your colleagues or the important work group. Android users have great advantage where they can add a widgets on the home Screen and can easily manage the important conversations directly from the home screen.

Everyone using whats app doesn’t give priority to all the group created by them or their friends using this method you can skip the groups that you want to ignore and focus on messages of any important groups.

There are three special Widgets available on your device. To use them on your device, Tap and hold the blank region on your home screen until the widgets option appears on the screen. Now tap on the Widgets option and search for the WhatsApp Widgets. The three WhatsApp Widgets are WhatsApp Chat, WhatsApp Camera and WhatsApp. Now hold the option and place it on the home screen or you can just tap on it to appear that on your home screen.

WhatsApp Chat:

WhatsApp chat option helps in selecting the contact or the group to whom you can directly text them from your home screen instead of wondering through all the apps on your App drawer and finding the WhatsApp application and searching for the application.

WhatsApp Camera:

This application is used to capture the image on your device and send that to any of the WhatsApp contact directly from your home screen. This best thing of this application is that it reduces the normal capturing time and sending the images to your Colleagues.



This Widget is the best widget which is used to filter the unread messages and make them appear directly on your home screen. Now you can directly filter the messages which you want to read and can skip the unwanted messages. This option is a perfect reminder for the unread messages on the Whatsapp Application.

Now sharing the Images, texting the best ones and keeping an eye on the recent messages have become much easier by using the WhatsApp Widgets. The best thing I like about this application is that you can share the documents through the WhatsApp. If you still didn’t get the Document sharing option on your device, then you can download the apk file and install it on your device.


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