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How to Increase Battery Life on Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 – Best 8 Tips



Among all the Android-device manufacturers, Samsung has a significant place in the smartphone industry. With frequent launches and releases, it always manages to stay at the top of the chart. Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge were launched recently by the Samsung, and now everyone is gearing up for the next launch. Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) could be its next release which targets mid-range users.

When compared to other Galaxy J series phones, Galaxy J3 2016 would become successful as soon as it released. This device comes with Android Lollipop version and has good specifications. Already few users got hands-on this device and in here we would like to share the tips to increase the battery life on your new Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 smartphone. By taking few precautions and by modifying some settings, one can easily improve the battery life of the phone.

Enable Power-Saving Mode

Power-saving mode is one of the brilliant features that Samsung has provided in Galaxy J3 device. By enabling this option, users can experience the better battery life. By default, this mode would be disabled, and so you need to enable this so as to improve the battery life. Go to ‘Settings>Battery>Power saving mode’ and enable the feature. Once enabled, this feature utilizes CPU in such a way that the device experience more battery life.

Uninstall Pre-installed Apps

The thing that worries every Android user is bloatware as every device comes with pre-installed apps. Out of these, few apps may cause over-heating and battery-draining issues, and so we advise you to remove such apps from the device. Try to uninstall all the pre-installed apps and if you don’t find an option to do it, then try disabling them.

Also, there could be few useless apps which are downloaded by the user from play store. So, recheck all the apps that you have downloaded and uninstall the unnecessary apps so that the device can prevent the battery-draining issue.

Adjust Settings Manually

The best thing in a smartphone is we can enable the auto-options for few features which do things automatically. But unknowingly, it may consume some battery life for doing this. So, we advise you to adjust a brightness of the screen by yourself as per the environment. Also, enable the rotation of the screen whenever required and disable it when not in use.

Disable Auto-updates of Apps

Whenever you enable the internet, you might have seen automatic updates of the apps. This is because you might have given the permission for auto-update. The deal is that these updates will use the internet connection and, in turn, consume more amount of battery. So, we advise you to disable the auto-updates for the apps, and you can do that by visiting each app. Whenever you feel an update is required for the particular app, then do it manually by visiting app from the play store.

Disable Location

GPS is another brilliant feature that helps the user to locate places for navigation. But, it is not required 24/7, so we advise you to disable the GPS/Location. If enabled, it consumes more amount of battery and very soon it gets drained. So, enable the GPS only when required and disable it in the remaining time so as to improve the battery
life on your new Galaxy J3 2016.

Remove Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Widgets can perform tasks that are useful for the users. But, some Android users fill up their device with several widgets and as a result, they have to face the battery-draining issue. Even though it helps you in some way, it utilizes most of the processor and in turn reduces the battery life. So, try to remove all the widgets from the phone and if at all they are required, use only one or two widgets.

Live Wallpapers, on the other hand, is also responsible for reducing the battery life. It utilizes internet and processor, and, in turn, consumes battery life. So, we advise you to remove live wallpapers from the device and use static or normal wallpapers and screensavers which also can enhance the beauty of your display screen.

Disable Connections

Some users forget to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hotspot and data connections whenever not in use. As a result, they have to face the frequent battery-draining problems. So, always remember to turn off the connections like Wi-Fi, data, Bluetooth and hotspot whenever not required. Also, never use the data connection while traveling or in low-network areas until necessary as it will cost you the battery life.

Restrict background data

The users of Galaxy J3 can also improve the battery life by restricting the background data. Whenever the internet is enabled, some data runs in the background and keeps the processor busy which in turn affects the battery life. So, by restricting them, you can save the life of the battery. Open, ‘Settings>connections>data usage>more>restrict background data’ and tap on ‘Ok’.

Other Tips

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can also take few precautions so as to get better battery life on your smartphone. Always stay updated by installing latest software release (through OTA) from the manufactures. These updates contain fixes for minor bugs and enhancements to improve the performance of the phone. So, always stay updated and get rid of any issues on the phone. Also, turn off the device whenever not in use or whenever there is no network coverage as this could help in increasing the battery life of the phone. Try to use original battery chargers whenever you charge the device as duplicate chargers will drain the battery faster.

Also, remember to clean the cache of the apps regularly by opening each app from the app manager and tap on ‘Clear Cache’ button. This could indirectly help you in improving the battery life. Never perform multi-tasking on the phone by opening several apps at a time, as this could hang the phone by over-loading the processor.

In case if you have any other battery issues, then feel free to write us down in the comments section below as we try to resolve those for you.


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