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Samsung Galaxy On5 : How to Increase Battery Life – Top 5 Tips



The Galaxy On5 is Samsung’s latest budget offering, which was launched last month in India. Sporting specifications like 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB internal storage, Exynos 3475 chipset and a 5-inch 720p display, it is quite an average device. And for a fact, it comes with a small 2600mAh battery, which many would argue is good enough for average usage user.

But if you’re an owner of this device and struggling with the battery life, then we have suggested some measures to improve the efficiency of the battery. Follow them and increase the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphone.

Power Saving Mode

If you’re holding a Samsung device, then it is sure that device would be coming with power saving options. For most of the devices in budget range, beauty lies in the specifications like RAM and internal storage support, but for South Korean giant, it’s all about software experience. And Ultra power saving mode is one of the core services on TouchWiz UI that I like. During emergencies, it is quite helpful. You just turn on the mode and enjoy the small percentage of battery lasting longer than usual. But do make a note that while using this mode, you’ll only able to access the few functions like text, calls, etc.

Don’t Need to be Connected 24/7

You don’t need to be connected to the GPS and mobile data all the time. You can also switch off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well when you don’t necessarily need them. Switching one feature out of these might not help that much in battery saving, but every bit would do enough to improve the battery life overall. Though, if you want to use Wi-Fi continuously a longer time, then we suggest you keep your Wi-Fi to “Always on Sleep” as it helps in increasing power efficiency.

The reason being Wi-Fi will not reconnect every time you wake up your phone. And if you want GPS too for a longer time, then one of the things that you can do that’ll reduce the battery usage is put it on battery saving mode. Additionally, you can also keep Google location history turned OFF from the location settings.

Tweak Display Settings

Samsung Galaxy On5 - Tweak Display Settings

Displays take a large part of battery life as they need to showcase contents every time you access the device. You probably need to focus the display settings unless you have already optimized the brightness levels. The best part is that the Galaxy On5 isn’t an AMOLED display thus it is quite easier for the battery life. If you haven’t optimized the screen settings, you should put brightness levels to automatic and screen timeout to be as minimum as possible.

Turn OFF Google Hotword

Google is always listening to you. The search giant’s “Ok Google” tool is fantastic and often a very functional part of Google Now assistant. But the problem with this feature is that it can wreck the battery life of your device. Especially when you don’t actually use it or even occasionally at the time of need.

To disable this feature, you need go into Google settings from your app drawer and then tap on the voice heading. Now select the “Ok Google detection”, the best option is to untick all those that are boxed. Although, if you’re a fan of this hot word, then make sure that Google is only listening when you’re inside the app. For that, you have to keep the tick on “From the Google app” box.

Set Do Not Disturb Mode

There is a feature on your Galaxy On5 that’ll allow you to put the device into Sleep or a Do Not Disturb mode. With that, you can make stop the Wi-Fi and mobile data to automatically switch-off when you don’t need them. Set a start and end time for the sleep mode and make DND mode work its magic. It’s particularly useful at work when you don’t want to get disturbed by a ring, vibrate or even notifications from internet connected apps. You can either enable this as scheduled or enable it manually.

We hope that the above tips would have helped you in increasing the battery life of the device. We would like to have your feedback on our Forum once you notice an increase in battery life with above tips. Now that you have increased the battery on your Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphone let’s get you started on improving the performance of the Galaxy On5.


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