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How to Download & Install WhatsApp on Jio Phone & JioPhone 2



At the AGM meeting in July this year, Reliance Jio has finally announced the WhatsApp support for JioPhone and JioPhone 2. Finally, after many delays, the KaiOS-based WhatsApp app is now available to download on both the JioPhones. WhatsApp is already available on all the popular mobile operating systems and now KaiOS also joins the list. Since the Nokia 8810 slider phone (a.k.a Banana Phone) also runs on KaiOS, it should be getting the WhatsApp support in the coming days.

Talking about WhatsApp for JioPhones, the app will be available on Jio Appstore starting today i.e., September 10th. As of now, only a few devices will be getting the WhatsApp app and the complete rollout by September 20th. Just like the WhatsApp on Android and iOS, the KaiOS version is also end-to-end encrypted. Users can easily share photos and videos using the keypad. The app also supports sending voice messages along with text messages. We can expect to see more features through future OTA updates.

How to Download and Install Whatsapp on JioPhone:

  1. Open ‘JioStore’ on your JioPhone and search for WhatsApp.
  2. Press the side button to go to the ‘Social’ section.
  3. Now, press down button until you see WhatsApp (its 4th in the list)
  4. Select ‘OK’ by pressing JioVoice button
  5. Once again, press the same button to install
  6. After it is successfully installed, press the same button to open.

If you are facing any problems while installing WhatsApp on your JioPhone, get in touch with us by commenting down or tweet us @PhoneRadarblog and we will be happy to help.


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