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Byte app – the Vine’s successor in the making, commences in Spring 2019



We all knew, Vine was the most popular video hosting service, which allowed users to shoot and share six-second-long lopping videos across all social media platforms. Founded in 2012, was later acquired by Twitter, however, in 2016, the micro-blogging site had discontinued the app and users weren’t allowed to post videos anymore. Later in 2017, Vine’s co-founder, Dom Hofmann (@dhof) had announced that there would be the next version to the Vine in the future.

Well, it appears that the time is now appropriate for that since Dom took Twitter took to announce the Vine successor – the ‘Byte’ app, which is in the works and is slated to launch in Spring 2019. He further stated that byte is the new video looping app and also announced its website called

There aren’t any more details revealed apart from the logo though; users can start subscribing for regular updates about the new video looping app by registering on byte’s website and can follow on social media to know more about the upcoming new app.

In the past, Vine was the only popular video looping app, and now, many of the Vine users have shifted to Instagram and YouTube. The contraries to the Vine have already come and are popular currently, TikTok, for instance. Albeit the competition, we are hoping that the Byte would undoubtedly be a worthy successor to the Vine, which shaped the current video looping propaganda across the internet.


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