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Honor 7 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone Comparison



With so many flagships introduced this year it’s hard to opt for the best if you’re confused what do you want. The flagship’s this year not only become more affordable but eventually they are offering more features. One of my favorite flagships ff this year in the high-end segment was the Samsung Galaxy S6, which was introduced earlier this year. While regarding the affordable flagship devices, the Honor 7 is the best contender. What do you say; shall we do a comparison between a premium and affordable flagship devices? Read on then.


Both the devices have metallic bodies, but Galaxy S6 is completely covered with tempered Corning Gorilla Glass 4 sheets while the Honor 7 sports nothing over the metal body offering quality finish. There is no physical button on the Honor device unlike Samsung offers on their Galaxy S6. The Honor 7 has the fingerprint button on the back while the Galaxy S6 had it on the home button.

It is the classic case of same functionality being offered in different places. Many consumers prefer the biometric sensor on the rear while some on the front. I would like to have it on front; I don’t always like picking up the phone from Desk to just check my messages. The solidly glassed body isn’t the best fingerprint resilient, and thus it leaves a lot of smudges on the device, whereas that’s not the case with Honor 7.


The displays are the part where no company, even Apple can’t beat the Samsung. And if you don’t know for a fact, Samsung provides the screen for iPhones. The Super AMOLED displays are the best mobile screens you could ask for on a smartphone and Samsung pioneers that technology. Moreover, the Galaxy S6 packs a Quad HD display, which is hard to argue with unless the other end has a 4K display.

But that’s not the case here. The Honor 7 has the similar 5.2-inch display but comes with Full HD display resolution that is again not up to the mark against the 2K Display. In my opinion, the Full HD should be good enough resolution, even if you’re looking for video consumptions on your device. Although, I would have appreciated that Honor could have used AMOLED display on their device.

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These two devices have their own Android Custom OS; the trend is not new, mobile manufacturers have been forking the Android system since its first introduction. The Samsung Galaxy S6 run on Android Lollipop 5.0 out of the box, but latest Lollipop version is available for download whereas the Honor 7 devices comes with Android Lollipop 5.0.2, which is not the latest version of the Lollipop OS.

There might be tons of difference between Samsung’s TouchWiz UI and Honor’s EMUI (Emotion UI), but it finally comes to one thing, whether or not the interface is snappy enough to perform day-to-day operations. Samsung has managed to come over their reputation of a laggy TouchWiz while Honor is yet to improve their EMUI regarding the multitasking, because even if the performance of the device is good, there are certain aspects of their Emotion Interface that lacks. I have mentioned my concern about this in the detailed review of the device.

Hardware & Performance

One can’t possibly expect an affordable flagship’s chipset to beat the world’s fastest processor even if it got a good horsepower. The Galaxy S6 is powered by a 14nm Exynos 7420 chipset, which is an Octa-core processor from the South Korean giant, developed specially for their handset. The Honor 7, on the other hand, is also powered by an in-house processor, the Hisilicon Kirin 935 chipset, which is also an Octa-core processor.

Coupled with similar 3GB of RAM, both the devices has some of the impressive performance, their Android skin is optimized accordingly, and you’ll only know that when you use these devices as daily drivers. Because even there is quite the difference in terms of performance numbers between these two phones, you would like using both of them.

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The flagships are supposed to have the best camera among their products line-up, and it is true for both the handsets. Honor 7 offers one of the best cameras an Honor device have ever sported while we could also say the same for Galaxy S6, but then again for the past two years Samsung has been using almost similar sensors but, of course, optimizing many aspects as well.

The Honor 7 offers 20-megapixel camera resolution while Galaxy S6 has a 16-megapixel sensor, both the sensors uses PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus) Technology. But do note that these devices have different aperture numbers; Samsung device has f/1.9 aperture number while Honor device has f/2.0 aperture number. The largest F number on a smartphone camera is of LG G4.

The cameras on both the devices are a beast, now only if you could have the camera samples of both of these devices to understand the difference. Well, you can check out our Camera review of the Honor 7 and Samsung Galaxy S6 to know more about the cameras on these handsets.


You can compare every aspect of the smartphones and tally what is best or not, but the most important aspect that we all lookout on a phone is the battery life. On Galaxy S6, Samsung gave only 2550mAh battery while Honor 7 has a massive 3100mAh battery. Both devices being the same size, we would have appreciated if Samsung has given more capacity. With Quad HD display and small battery, Galaxy S6 was bound to get a lower screen-on-time (SOT) of around 4 hours while the Honor 7 here is the clear winner with more than 5 hours of SOT.


The war between premium and affordable flagship is not new; previously it was Nexus devices against Tier-1 Brands (Samsung, LG, and HTC) while the tables have been changed. The contenders like Honor 7 amongst many have taken over that place. The final call is yours, whether you want a premium priced device or an affordable device with almost similar (or better in some aspects) features at almost half the price.

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