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Gymwatch – Wearable Fitness Tracker for Workouts, Exercises & Training



gymwatch fitness tracker

Gymwatch, as the name suggests is a complete fitness tracker along with being your personal Gym Guide and trainer, it seems hard to believe but that is what this gadget does. Gymwatch is made in Germany and after 3 years of research and development it has come out for production. This Fitness tracker is equipped with a sensor to track all your fitness regimes like Strength, Cardio, Weight Lifting, Functional and all other exercises you do at home.

What data is recorded with Gymwatch and why is it called fitness trainer?

The following are the Data recorded during your workout session by Gymwatch. This gadget also helps you in working out with the help of a ear piece which will correct you when you are doing any exercise incorrectly or the posture of your workout is wrong, it will also let you know the amount of weights to carry depending on your BMI. It will guide you on the force and speed of each workout in detail in the ear plug.

Workout: Force applied, Maximum Strength, Strength Endurance, Speed Strength, Starting Strength applied, Explosive Strength, Muscle Strength, Volume of workout, Power, Reps, P-Reps, Number of Sets, Speed, Calories Burned
Pedometer: Distance, Steps count, Steps duration, Steps Length, Stroke rate


Gymwatch is similar to many Wrist or Arm worn fitness trackers with the sensor attached to an Elastic Bad which should be worn on your Arm, Wrist or Leg depending on the type of Workout you want to track. You can even use two Gymwatch trackers to help in tracking Left and Right arm movements or Arm and Leg movements at the same time. It will also help detect Muscular Imbalance between your right and left side of your body.

It is a beat and simple design without much glamour, and prepared to do the work intended for it which is to track and keep your fitness in check and also help you train by giving tips with the help of the App.

The Gymwatch Aap lets you keep an eye on all the workout and alos you can choose different training sessions. By choosing the Guided-mode in your App you will be turning your Phone into your personal gym trainer to guide you through your gym sessions.

How does Gymwatch work?

The Gymwatch contains many sensors like the Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer which work in tandem to track and record your limb movements in all axes to give accurate details.

When you enter your weight, height into the App it calculates the data and will let you know the exact weight which you should be using to work out without overloading your workout.

gymwatch features

The location of the sensor is important depending on the type exercise you are doing, if you are going to do arm or upper body exercises then you should be wearing the sensor on your Arm and not your leg, if you are doing Lower Body exercises then the sensor should be worn on your Leg to properly measure the workout depending on the movements of your work out.

Gymwatch app will detect incorrectly performed exercises and will let you know to avoid injuries and muscle strain. the App from your phone will give you an alert to tell you that you are not following the correct posture or not working on the exact muscles on which you are planning to work out on.

The three main features of Gymwatch that keep it apart other fitness trackers is the ability to give Visual and Sound commands, and alerts to inform you about any mistakes and to give you proper feedback on the Reps and Speed and Motion Correction and Intensity Control.

Price and Release Date

Gymwatch is going to be released in July 2014 at a price of $99 in US and later will be priced at €149 for European release. this is a very great device for people who regularly go to the gym to keep a track on your regimen and also for people who have started going to the gym recently and want to keep a track on their fitness but will also be getting additional advantage of having a fitness trainer in the form of oyur phone correcting your posture, telling you how much weight you should carry and other fitness sessions.


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