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Lumafit – Health and Mind Tracker worn on the Ear – Android & iOS Compatible




There are many companies coming out with Wrist and finger worn Fitness Trackers and the Fitness freaks are always in a confusion while trying to select the best ones. Because although some might be good in looks, the functionality might not be that good, and there always has been a question on the accuracy of the tracking of fitness.

Lumafit is a Fitness tracker which unlike the other trackers does not sit on your Wrist or Arm, but it fits onto your Ear. That will precisely track your Heartbeats and calculate the Calorie burnt, pace and form of the person wearing it. The detailed information of your workout can be obtained from the App see in Android and Apple devices.

Lumafit states that their device is both for Body and Mind, as the company is in the process of developing 3 Apps for getting additional features to its users like GYM TRACKER to help keep track on your Gym session. And precisely have an idea on how many calories you have burnt. HOME FITNESS is another app that will give you an interactive Bootcamp session to help burn down 200 calories in just 20 minutes any time of the day. YOGA BREATHING is another addition that they say will supercharge your Mind in 10 minutes with their interactive Mindful Breathing session.


In the design aspect, it is unique and innovative in fitness trackers category; this has a design of an Earpiece that easily fixes on your Ear and holds on to your Ear lobe. It is comfortable and needs a little getting used to, but once you’re used to it then, you will forget that it is even there. You might feel it will fall off during vigorous sessions, but the design with a clip for the lobe is such that it stays on.

Lumafit colors

It is made up of two parts that are connected by a small wire which is neat in design but can sometimes be mistaken for a Hearing Aid. But because of the interactive colours it looks trendy. It weighs a measly 38 grams, and you can only wear it when you are working out or doing meditation or yoga for peace of mind that will be tracked by the device.


Lumafit comes with three Axis Accelerometer to help track all your actions and workouts in all 3 Axis. It has two Photoplethysmographs that are Optical Light sensors to measure your Heart activity and is connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth classic 2.1. The device is equipped with a 100 mAh battery which the company says will give 6 hours of Battery life when turned on. It can be Charged with a Micro USB Charger.

The device can stay connected to your Smartphone in a radius of 30 Meters, and it works both on your Android device and Apple iOS devices, but the connectivity for Windows and Blackberry devices is not yet available.

How does Lumafit Work?

Lumafit works with the help of two Photoplethysmographs and three Axis Accelerometers. The Photoplethysmographs is the Optical Light sensor which uses (Red and Infrared) light to measure the Heart activity. It works because Hemoglobin in your Blood running through your blood vessels absorbs light differently depending on the presence of Oxygen on haemoglobin or not. The three Axis Accelerometers help in keeping track of your head position and lets Lumafit identifies and stores your head trajectory over time and keeps track on specific types on individual motions like dips, sit ups, etc. And also keeps track on Continuous motions that are seen in Cross Trainings.

And the presence of a Medical Grade Heart Rate monitor that keeps an accurate tab on your heart rate all the while and without requiring a Chest worn Strap. It also keeps track on your Calorie count, and there are many programs to choose from in the App.

Pricing and Release Date

The Lumafit device will be ready for Shipping in October 2014 when the first 1000 units will be shipped; the device is being priced at a very competitive $99, which is a very cheap price for the number of features being given in the device including an inbuilt heart rate monitor. That with other similar fitness trackers need an additional chest strap which costs the same amount.


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