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Google’s Digital Wellbeing Reportedly Not Slowing Down Pixel Devices



Not long ago, the Pixel device owners on Reddit had complained about their devices slowing down when Digital Wellbeing feature was enabled. Those who are unaware, Digital Wellbeing is a software-based smartphone monitoring feature, which the search engine giant has introduced with the Pixel 3 devices and later rolled out to all Android Pie based devices. It keeps track of your daily smartphone usage habits and further has options to restrict smartphone usage more often, which is technically the sole purpose of introducing this feature by Google in the first place.

Pixel owners have raised multiple complains on Reddit regarding this issue, and now Google has acknowledged the, and now it’s being confirmed by the company that Digital Wellbeing was never an issue for slowing down their Pixel phones. Google has made the official response through its PixelCommunity on Reddit suggesting that they have undergone thorough analysis based on bug reports submitted and by undergoing internal testing, Google has confirmed that they haven’t found any performance issues with Digital Wellbeing being enabled.

The search engine giant has further confirmed that during this respective investigation on Digital Wellbeing slowing down the devices, they have found other issues based on the bug reports, and the company is in the process of rolling out fixes to them, which claims to better the Pixel device experience on the whole. What this means is that Pixel device owners need not turn off the Digital Wellbeing to increase the performance of their Android device as the company pretty much confirmed that’s not the case. Having Digital Wellbeing always enabled indeed helps you to monitor your device’s usage and control your smartphone addiction as well.

Until the ‘bug fixes’ update rollout is released by Google, users can still activate/deactivate the Digital Wellbeing feature accordingly. The smartphone monitoring feature is also likely to be improved with the upcoming Android Q, which will be released this fall. With Android Q, the monitoring feature is said to be integrated into the Pixel launcher by default, wherein users can set time limits on respective apps and can gain more control over their smartphone addiction.

Google had introduced all of the forthcoming Android Q’s features early this month at Google I/O 2019. Along with the Android Q introduction, the company had also launched two new mid-range smartphones with Pixel 3 cameras – namely Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL as well. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.



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