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Google’s Digital WellBeing feature reportedly slowing down Pixel 3 devices



Google I/O, 2019 has just commenced last week, wherein in the search engine giant has unveiled new Android 10 Q features alongside the launch of two new Pixel devices – the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL. Google has also showcased its new Digital Wellbeing improvements with Android Q, which is slated to available from this fall.

Google introduced Digital Wellbeing last year at Google I/O 2018 and was said to be a Pixel device exclusive feature, which later expanded to all Android OEMs that are running on the latest Android 9.0 Pie. For those who are unaware, Digital Wellbeing will help Android device users to monitor the daily activity of their smartphone usage, which includes time spent on each individual app, the number of times the device wakes up and further categorizes of what apps a user is using the most and more. Primarily the Digital Wellbeing has been introduced by Google to control smartphone addiction. The feature further allows users to set time frames for an app that a user is most addicted to similarly the feature can turn colorful and addictive apps such as Instagram, for instance, into a Gray Scale screen so that the app feels less attractive and eventually makes the user use the app less often.

That said, several users on Reddit have been raising issues about the Digital Wellbeing feature slowing their Pixel phones, Pixel 3 in particular. Apparently, turning off the Digital Wellbeing has brought in a significant speed improvement for the Pixel 3, a Reddit Pixel 3 user stated. The same Reddit user had further noted the difference is remarkably like ‘night and day.’ Despite not having any performance issues, the same Reddit user again suggests all the Pixel 3 owners to do the same so for this notably significant improvement of the Pixel 3 device.

The Reddit thread further suggests us that turning off Google Digital WellBeing on Pixel has certainly helped users to have the stutter-free experience, which they believed was quite familiar with the device. However, not all the users had experienced the same, and other users haven’t also noticed such remarkable speed improvements particularly in the case of Pixel 2 device as well.

If you’re a Pixel user for that matter you can try this right away by navigating to device settings – Digital Wellbeing – tapping the three dots will give you an option to turn off usage access option. Bear in mind, doing this will no longer monitor your daily device usage including apps and games as well. Google is yet to respond against these new Digital Wellbeing issue reports, which are currently being posted on the Reddit groups. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.



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