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Google still has no fix for the Nexus 6P smartphones that are facing an early shutdown issue



Nexus 6P Gold Edition

Nexus 6P smartphone has launched about a year ago, and now after all these years, the smartphone is now facing quite an unusual issue. According to the reports, few of the users who are using Nexus 6P running on Android 7.0 nougat are facing this issue an early shutdown of the smartphone even with about 60-percent battery remaining. This issue is literally causing the device to shutdown even without any warning. At this point in time, the actual cause of this issue still unknown and we are still awaiting any confirmation from Google or Huawei being the manufacturers of the smartphone.

While many owners of the smartphones are pointing towards a fault in the hardware, most people still think that it is the Google’s software that is causing the issue. And given the fact that nobody faced this issue before the Nougat update, it is highly possible that the software is the one to be blamed here. As mentioned earlier, it is still not confirmed what is causing the issue, but indeed it is quite annoying that users have to face this and are not able to use the device properly. And talking about the fix from Google, it doesn’t look like they are going to do anything about this anytime soon.

Currently, Google has marked this issue in their tracker as low priority. So unless and until they take this up as a high priority issue and do something about it, users are literally stuck with an unreliable device which just shuts down for no reason. Many users have reported that their device is shutting down with about 15-20% battery remaining while others have reported stating that their device is shutting down even when there is about 60-percent battery remaining. So definitely the issue has nothing to do with the hardware since the use case scenarios appear to be quite different.

The only solution to this as of now appears to be a software fix to this issue which is something we need the company to work on right away. Considering the fact that a smartphone from Nexus lineup is affected, we expect them to act upon this as quickly as possible. With that said, if you want to know more about this issue or it’s fix, etc. we suggest you stay tuned to PhoneRadar for details on this as we will update once we have any new info on this.


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