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Google Maps Guide: How to share directions



When my family visited my city the first time, they use to feel difficult to travel around the city. Since they were new to the city at the time, and there weren’t any smartphones at that time to check the information in Google Maps. They used to call my parents to know the directions. And sometimes it gets a little hectic to direct to your place while you’re not with them. This was the case almost a decade ago when there were no smartphones or maps around.

Jumping to the present, we have a full-fledged Maps app running on our smartphones that can navigate you to places you don’t know. Specifically with the version 9.3 update for Maps on Android, Google had introduced a feature to share the directions through SMS, email or any other social media platforms. It can be available on any Android Smartphone with Google Maps installed on it. Most helpful to the users on another end who doesn’t have smartphones, as you can share the directions with them via text.

The shareable message will display step by step directions with distance & time required to travel. And if, on the other end, the person has a smartphone they can click on a link at the bottom of the message, which shows the best route between the selected places. You’ll have the best possible route to travel at that time as the real-time traffic is also taken in accordance while calculating the route for you.

Sharing the Directions

  • To share the directions, you first need to open the Google Maps and then click on Directions icon in the bottom right.
  • Enter manually, the start and end points.
  • Next, if you selected the public transport, then click the route you want to share.
  • Now to send the selected route, go to the menu on the top right and click “Share directions”.
  • Note if you selected Driving or Walking, then you should not click Navigate option before sharing the directions.

It is a useful feature for those who want to share the directions through SMS with their parents or friends who don’t own a Smartphone. Now sharing directions with a family member or friend visiting your place is easy. Or whether you’re heading over to a new location and want to share directions with other companions on the way, but they don’t have an internet connection. Just fire up the Google Maps application and follow the above instruction. And your friends should be at your place in no time. You can find more Google Maps Guide below:

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