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Google Maps Guide: How to use Street View on your Android Phone



Google launched the Street View technology for its Maps services in 2008. It allows you to get the panoramic view (360 degrees) of the location. Playing with Street View on the web is the best thing to do for the places we haven’t visited. With the evolution of Android OS over time, the usage of Smartphone and their capabilities have been increased a lot. There are tons of features installed on our Smartphone, and with Google making Street View available on Android makes it even more interesting thing to watch out.

Getting Started with Street View

To access Street View, launch the Google Maps and long press where you want to watch the location in the Street View mode. Tapping, the bar at the bottom pop-up’s the details, where you can find an Image with Street View. Note that in some locations you may not find this feature available.

Clicking on that opens the Street View, here we have the 360 degrees view of the selected location. You can touch the arrows to move the screen towards that direction. Double touching at any place will make the screen jump to that location, Zoom-in & Zoom-out works normally.

The best feature of the Street View on Smartphones is the “look around” mode, where your screen moves without swiping but with the movement of Smartphone. It works with the help of Accelerometer & Gyroscope. To launch this, just tap anywhere on the screen to get the controls visible, from that tap on the button (with circular arrows) at the bottom.

For the Google Cardboard users, double tapping the bottom button will split the screen into two halves. The true exposure of the real world Virtual Reality can be experienced by using Google Cardboard with the “look around” mode enabled. So, now you know how to utilize this Google Street View feature on your Android smartphone, as well as we have taught little trick on how you can make it work on Google Cardboard too. Explore!

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