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100 Things You Can Ask the new Google Assistant (Allo) App



Google at the yearly I/O event had showcased the Allo app that comes with advanced chat features that you would not find in the other applications like WhatsApp or Telegram. The app is available for both iOS and Android & lets you find information, speak to someone who is like a human but powered by a computer & who helps you make plans easily. After few hours of usage, we figured out a lot of options that we could not find in the first few minutes of usage, and this is because the more you to talk to the AI bot, the more it learns about you and shares relevant information.

The application is for sure going to replace the Hangouts App that no one used anyway because of not just the Google Assistant but also the amazing tasks you could do. Let’s dig further into them one by one.


  • Do a Web Search
    This is nothing new as we already had this with Google Now as well. But being able to do a web search within the app and getting instant response from the app within the chat is nice. You can ask like “Who is Barack Obama?” Yes, this is just like Siri, but for some reason, it feels better as you sometimes forget that you are actually chatting with a bot here. For instance, when you ask some basic questions then you will get an instant response like this within the chat. And the best part is, it can use the same reference and further answer the questions. All you have to do is just a question. You can ask a question in reference to the first one like, “What is his age?”
  • Setting Reminders & Alarms
    You can ask the Google Assistant to set a reminder to say “Call a friend tomorrow” or “Buy Groceries” or even say “Order Lunch in an Hour.” It would generally set the time based on preset preferences, but you can ask for additional changes or even ask to “Show upcoming reminders.” In case you wish to make changes, you need to tap on the reminder following which you get the “Modify Reminder 1” option where you could change the time, cancel or Do not change anything. This is useful if you would like to set up reminders or alarms. When you setup an Alarm, it is not set on the app but actually on your Phone’s Clock application for the time you mention it on the chat client.
  • Create Calendar Events
    Creating a calendar event is just as simple as setting up an alarm or reminder. This can come in handy as creating a new event can get quite cumbersome. With this integration, you can just talk to it and ask the assistant to “Create an Event.” It will ask for a date and other info for the same, and your event would be added to the calendar in no time.
  • Call People or send a text message
    “Call Mom” will open up a prompt in Google Now, from where i can allow the App to initiate a phone call with the contact. And just like initiating a voice call, sending a text message is also a breeze. Say “Message Mom” and it will again take you to the Google Now page, from where you can send a text message. We expect to see more and more new app integration soon over the course of time.

allo-test-1 allo-test-2 allo-test-3 allo-test-4 allo-test-11 allo-test-12

  • Turn on a Timer
    Just say “Set a Timer” and the Assistant will take care of the rest. No need to dig deep into the clock app and search through the menus to find the timer anymore. But we wish all these small tasks would directly open up within the app itself instead of opening up in a separate page, just like Siri.
  • Find out the world timings
    Just say “what time is it in {city name}’, and the Assistant will give you the time in that particular city. This works flawlessly, and you can keep asking for other cities as well in continuation like “What about London?”
  • Change Settings
    “Turn Off Wi-Fi”
    will take you to settings panel from where you can instantly turn off the wi-fi. These works for “Turn off Bluetooth.” “Lower the brightness” will take you to the brightness slider in the settings from where you can change the brightness according to your requirement. These queries will quickly perform the desired actions. It is expected that more and more commands will be added shortly as the software matures.
  • Check E-mails
    “Show me my E-mails”
    query will show some of the recent emails from the mailbox or “Archive the last three emails.”
  • Book Flight Tickets
    “Flights to {destination}” will pull the result from Google and will show you all the available flights from your location to the destination.
  • Get Weather Reports
    Queries like “Is it going to rain tomorrow?” will pull up with search results from Google and will show you the desired search results. Alternatively, you can also ask “How hot is it outside?” or “Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?” will also tell you the desired info.
  • Get Calculations done
    You can also ask for mathematical queries to the assistant. Well, not too complicated as of now but it will surely answer most of your day to day calculations on the fly. You can ask like “What is 1+1?” (no pun intended) Or “Divide 1000 by 5”. It will instantly give you answers for these queries. You can also ask some complex queries like “Divide 1000 by 5 and then multiply it by 2”.
  • Take Notes
    “Make a Note” will allow you to take a note of anything instantly.You can either read it out loud or even type the specific note to be noted by the app.
  • Create Shopping list
    “Crete a Shopping list” query will quickly create a list, and you can further dictate any items to be added. “Show me my list” will open up the pending todo list and “add {item} to shopping list” will further add the items to the list. Other commands can be like “Delete my Shopping list” or Check first four items on my shopping list.”
  • Get movie timings
    “Show me the movies playing around me” will show the movies playing around you from the google search. From there you can book any tickets you want.
  • Get Routes
    “How far is {location}” will give the Google map result and will show you the route on the go from within the app. You can also use queries like “How long will it take for me to get there” or “how bad is the traffic on route to Airport.”
  • Search Restaurants
    “Famous Sushi Restaurants around me” or “Where to get Biryani in Hyderabad” will show you appropriate results from the search. You can also search for “Best Vegetarian Restaurants around me.”
  • Identify Songs
    You can also identify songs with the Google Assistant from within with just the query. Use queries like “Can you identify the song for me’ or “could you tell me which song is playing” or “Identify and Download the song for me please”.
  • Get day/date info
    “What day is New Year 2017” will tell you the day of the Jan 1st, 2017. You can also use other queries like “Which day was i born”?
  • Launch the Apps
    “Open WhatsApp” or “Open {App name}” can be used to open any apps which are installed in the smartphone from within the Allo app.

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This is where the fun stuff begins. If you thought that Allo is all about the boring productivity commands, then you are wrong. Well, it is an assistant, and it surely can do a lot more than that. You can ask the Assistant to do a lot of things to entertain you including playing funny videos or even play a variety of different game from within the App.

  • When Bored
    Start by saying “I am Bored.” This by itself will open up a variety of different options to choose from and from there you can select anything you want. You can also say “what can you do to entertain me?” to open all the possible options. Give it a try; it’s fun.
  • Emoji Riddle
    Simply type “Emoji Riddle” and get ready to start an interesting game of emoji riddle with the Assistant.
  • Giggle over a Joke
    If you are not about that emoji life, then you can simply laugh it out over a joke.
    “Tell me a joke” should be just fine. Isn’t that difficult right?
  • Also, try having a normal conversation with the app. Any basic question will do, and you will talk to the app in no time. Try “How do I look”?
  • Would you like to make out?
  • Sometimes you may not receive an answer just like you would with Siri, but still, the results will definitely put a smile on your face. Like this one “I’m going to trade you in for an iPhone.”

allo-test-9 allo-test-5 allo-test-6pngallo-test-7allo-test-8 allo-test-10


  • “You are a hipster”
  • “Who is your favorite Actor.”
  • “I want to play Rubix Cube.”
  • “What’s your Favorite Song.”
  • “What’s your Favorite Movie.”
  • “You are an Idiot.”
  • “Can you speak in Hindi.”
  • “Why did the chicken cross the road.”
  • “Why is your Name Allo/Google Assistant.”
  • “What’s your Fathers’ Name.”
  • “What’s your Mothers’ Name.”
  • “Will you Marry me?”
  • “Do you believe in God?”
  • “Do you drive?”
  • “Don’t you get tired of these questions?”
  • “What do you think about me?”
  • “Who is smarter Siri or Google?”
  • “Do you prefer Android or iOS?”
  • the list will be updated consistently as we get more.

Also, if you own any iOS device then be sure to try these comments with Siri as well as you will get some better response in many cases. We did a comparison between the new Assistant and the Siri which you can check out. Stay tuned for more & if you found some interesting commands or things you could ask Google Assistant, let us know in the comments section below & we will be adding them to this list. A few of these were suggested by our readers on Twitter who tweeted them to @PhoneRadarBlog.


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