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Garmin Slim Vívoactive Bridges Gap Between Smartwatch and Fitness Trackers – Details



Garmin Slim Vivoactive

While its doesn’t suit to wear around fitness trackers and smartwatches, just like before iPhone, it was not comfortable to carry MP3 players and cellphones together. Though, this has been known as fact for long time, but looks-like Garmin has seriously thought about this, as it has showcased a its new product that acts as a fitness tracker as well as a Smartwatch too, and it is called slim vívoactive.

Company claims that its new wrist band is both a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. However, the waterproof watch still has the usual smartwatch design. With its full-color square touchscreen display, this remains legible even in bright daylight.

Garmin Slim Vivoactive

Sony might be the first to include GPS on its Smartwatch, but GPS devices was the forte on which the company managed to sell its products. Now looking at the slim vivoactive, this device also comes with one of those GPS modules embedded on it. That means you can accurately track location and do other metrics like distance and speed, as long as it is able to pin signal from the satellites overhead.

Though, for those times that GPS is working, the inbuilt accelerometer works its magic and keep tabs on how far you have run, jogged, swam, hiked, etc. The device can even make a pretty calculated guess about how much calories you have burned over the day. It will also keep tabs on how much time you were in active, using a growing red indicator bar, leading to motivate you that it’s about time to be on the move or get active.

Users would be able to download the fitness apps specific to their particular sport. For instance, a running utility app, which would provide a subtle vibration whenever you reach the heart rate goals making it quite useful for fitness geeks who wants to be more connected with a Smartwatch.

As far as the smartwatches go, the new slim viviactive is as close as a fitness band can get, although, the device doesn’t run on a mobile OS like Android Wear. It is also capable to connect your smartphone and show notifications
like calls, messaging, as well as it can be used to control the music with a set of touchscreen buttons.

The Slim vivoactive is expected to go on sale sometime in the first quarter of the year, it will come in either black or white version with a price tag of $250. The users will be able to customize the strap to help ensure it suits whatever activity they have planned – workout, or going to a dinner.


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