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Fitbit Surge Smart Watch Launched at CES for $249.95 – Details



Fitbit Surge

Update, January 6, 2015, 23:05: Fitbit has announced its fitness super watch at the CES today; the fitness tracker company has now finally jump on the bandwagon of smartwatches. It comes with all the power of the Fitbit Charge HR, as well as also offers a built-in GPS.

Fitbit Surge

The new Fitbit Surge smartwatch provides seamless mobile sync, multiples sports mode for classifying workouts, viewing detailed summaries of completed exercises. The other noticeable features include customizable watch faces, caller ID, text alerts and mobile music control.

The device packs six sensors including 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, digital compass, optical heart rate monitor, altimeter, and ambient light sensor. The backlit LCD touch screen for easy viewing and navigation through real-time stats, workout apps and alarms, as well.

Company touts the battery life of at least seven days on one charge. The Fitbit Surge is available at a price tag of $249.95 and will come in three colors, black, blue and tangerine (which will come later).

Earlier, Oct 28, 2014, 10:00: The Fitbit Surge Smartwatch + Fitness tracker combination is finally official, as the company lists this on their website, as coming soon for a price of $249.95.

As shown earlier in the marketing manual, it comes with the in-built GPS, and the Surge does a lot more than just fitness tracking. The description of the product reads “Tracks GPS, continuous heart rate, all-day activity stats and sleep. Includes smart notifications and music control.”

There are different sizes in which the Fitbit Surge will be available, i.e. Small, Large and Extra Large.

Fitbit Surge Features

Few months back, we mentioned about Fitbit working on three new fitness trackers, the Fitbit PurePulse, Surge and Charge. While the PurePulse and Charge are somewhat related to the earlier fitness trackers made by the company, the Fitbit Surge is a step ahead, giving itself a look of a smartwatch with some smart functions, including the built-in GPS tracker.

Fitbit is calling it the Superwatch, and the features not just include the GPS tracker that would help the perfect tracking (very helpful for runners), but the PurePulse heart rate monitoring, and as tipped through the marketing material, it will also be providing the real time workout data for different workout activities. The statistics will include distance, pace, elevation and heart rate intensity as the main ones, though the list doesn’t end here.

Fitbit Surge Leak

Following are the features of Fitbit Surge smartwatch / fitness tracker as shown in the marketing manual (leaked via The Verge).

  • GPS tracking: distance, pace, and elevation climbed with the help of built-in GPS
  • Recording workouts: Record running, cross training, and cardio workouts. This will tell about the workout intensity and calories burned
  • Activity tracking: Heart rate, steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed, and active minutes
  • Sleep quality + silent alarm: Monitors your sleep and then wakes you up with a silent vibrating alarm
  • Smart notifications: Get the notifications for calls, messages and also control music from the smartwatch screen
  • Wireless syncing + online tools: Stats are synced with the smartphones through the applications, and one can see the activity progress, log food and earn badges based on the activity done
  • Heart rate: Continuous, automatic wrist-based heart rate monitoring with no uncomfortable chest straps

The Fitbit Surge is made to wear all-day, and is going to be available in black, slate, and tangerine color options. We’ll be updating when this is made official by the company, alongside the other two fitness trackers they are working on.

via. The Verge


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