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Omate Racer & Roma Two Affordable Smartwatches Announced at CES 2015 – Details



Omate Roma & Racer Smartwatches

Last year, we saw Omate get into the business of smartwatches for the women with the launch of first true feminine smartwatch called Lutetia. Now this year, company has aimed to create two new smartwatches to wearables market.

Omate Roma & Racer Smartwatches

Starting with first, named Racer(first from Left), which is a sport oriented watch, and the second one is the Panerai-inspired Roma(second from left). These new affordable smartwatches are expected to be available in the United States and United Kingdom retail, as well as jewelry stores, by March. The first two watches in the image above are Omate’s 2014 models – the X ($130) and the Lutetia ($170).

Just like before, the two new models from Omate will be mainly function as notification watches with basic activity tracking plus customizable watch face. Both the device will be running on the same MediaTek MT2502 “Astor” chip that was present on the Lutetia. Since, the device is powered by a proprietary operating system; you won’t be able to install any Android Wear apps on your Omate Smartwatch.

Both the devices are said to offer 2G connectivity, so there is a possibility that they won’t have to pair with a smartphone. And that low-powered smartphone won’t drain your battery quickly. That means you don’t have to recharge the cell for about a week. The timepieces also offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Company’s website will be taking pre-orders for $99 Racer per unit between January 5th and 15th, and after that it’ll be bumped up to $129 until January 31st, with shipments expected in as early as end of February. While there’s no pricing information available for the metallic Roma just yet.


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